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Plums get lots of love on PMG

As the official start to autumn neared fall staples took more spots among the PMG top 20, but summer items and year-round favorites still held their own the week of Sept. 7.

California prune growers see ‘excellent opportunities’

The California prune harvest has wrapped up, with early forecasts of a short crop at 45,000 metric tons, a 37% drop from the previous season.

Fall favorites make a comeback on PMG

While peaches maintained their No. 1 spot on PMG the week of Aug. 24, the rest of the top 20 saw some shuffling as fall items rejoined the list.

Staple items see uptick in interest on PMG

Cucumbers took back the top spot on PMG the week of Aug. 10, knocking sweet onions to No. 2.

Onions beat out cucumbers on PMG

Sweet onions unseated cucumbers as No. 1 on PMG the week of Aug. 10, climbing from No. 10 the previous week, and bulb onions took No. 2.

Blue Goose plum season starts for Oppy

The season for The Oppenheimer Group’s Blue Goose plum brand has started.

Prune growers see returns drop, despite industry positives

California Prune growers are facing a 28% drop in prices and a 23% cut in crop deliveries.

Which Asian specialty is new to PMG's top 20?

Cucumbers held on to No. 1 on PMG the week of July 20, but yellow plums vaulted into the No. 2 spot, bumping beans to No. 3 and okra to No. 4.

Citrus, lettuce see interest on PMG

Cucumbers, beans, okra and peaches held onto the top four spots on PMG the week of July 13, and yellow plums moved up two places to complete the top 5.

California Prune Board forecasts 68K-ton crop

The California Prune Board, Roseville, reports the industry is projecting this year’s crop will be no larger than 68,000 metric tons.