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Packer 25 — Jeff Schrett

In an industry rightly proud of its multi-generational heritage, sometimes a new face can be helpful too.

Packer 25 — Emily Kohlhas

Emily Kohlhas digs diversity: in food and people.

Packer 25 — Doug Feek

Every morning, Doug Feek takes a walk and prays for his family, staff, the Florida citrus industry and for the right direction to take that day.

Packer 25 — Dan Bourgault

Dan Bourgault, recently with Instacart and now headed to a new grocery tech startup in the Northwest U.S., is a man seeking to stay one step ahead of rapidly evolving technology in online grocery sales.

Packer 25 — Kam Quarles

Like his father before him, Kam Quarles is a voice for growers.
Nov 07, 2018 by Tom Karst #Packer 25, #People, #Potatoes

Packer 25 — Glenn Daniels

If he weren’t division vice president, East sales for Earthbound Farm, Glenn Daniels would like to be a coach or a teacher.

Packer 25 — John Gates

Doing what the market wants has worked out well for John Gates, president of Lancaster Foods, Jessup, Md.

Packer 25 — James Rogers

The route that James Rogers took to the produce industry is as unconventional as anyone.

Packer 25 — Charles Hall

Armed with a slow Southern drawl and a quick mind, Charles Hall has a singular focus on the needs of Georgia growers.

Packer 25 — James Milne

James Milne says he always has been “a little bit of an ideas guy.”