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Packer 25 — Dan Bourgault

Dan Bourgault, recently with Instacart and now headed to a new grocery tech startup in the Northwest U.S., is a man seeking to stay one step ahead of rapidly evolving technology in online grocery sales.

Packer 25 — Kam Quarles

Like his father before him, Kam Quarles is a voice for growers.
Nov 07, 2018 by Tom Karst #Packer 25, #People, #Potatoes

Packer 25 — Glenn Daniels

If he weren’t division vice president, East sales for Earthbound Farm, Glenn Daniels would like to be a coach or a teacher.

Packer 25 — John Gates

Doing what the market wants has worked out well for John Gates, president of Lancaster Foods, Jessup, Md.

Packer 25 — James Rogers

The route that James Rogers took to the produce industry is as unconventional as anyone.

Packer 25 — Charles Hall

Armed with a slow Southern drawl and a quick mind, Charles Hall has a singular focus on the needs of Georgia growers.

Packer 25 — James Milne

James Milne says he always has been “a little bit of an ideas guy.”

Packer 25 — Todd Fryhover

Todd Fryhover has done it all.

Packer 25 — Peter Leifermann

Peter Leifermann remembers working in the foodservice sector in Atlanta in the 1990s when importers were flying in hass avocados from Chile and mangoes in South Florida were priced at $15 per carton.

Packer 25 — Wendy Reinhardt Kapsak

Wendy Reinhardt Kapsak has always been a fan of the Produce for Better Health Foundation. Now, she is responsible for helping to steer the foundation forward into a new era.