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Longer shelf life curbs needless waste, marketers say

While package makers focus on minimizing waste that ends up in landfills, they’re also mindful to minimize biodegradable waste by developing bags, clamshells and boxes that protect product shelf life, marketers say.

Packaging sees brisk business in wake of pandemic

Many unanswered questions still hang over the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, but the health crisis, which froze some food sales outlets and forced major alterations in others,  also changed consumer buying habits.

Fox Packaging offers education at United Fresh LIVE! Booth

Fox Packaging, McAllen, Texas, has four days of scheduled events planned at its United Fresh LIVE! virtual booth, from June 15-18.

Reusable Packaging Association releases report on packaging industry

The Reusable Packaging Association has published the 2020 “State of the Reusable Packaging Industry Report,” a comprehensive analysis of the global reusable transport packaging market. 

COVID-19 could test push toward sustainability

Suddenly the industry’s attention on continuous improvement has wavered. The COVID-19 crisis refocused operators on simply surviving. Full steam ahead on plastics, recyclable or not!

Bagging up at Del Rey Avocado

The core of the Peruvian avocado season will be from June into September for Fallbrook, Calif.-based Del Rey Avocado Co., said Donny Lucy, vice president of procurement and East Coast sales.

COVID-19 effect on packaging trends

Considering the effect of the COVID-19 crisis on packaging trends, The Packer’s Tom Karst visited June 2 with Jay Singh, professor at Cal Poly and packaging program director at the school.

Nardelli Bros. continues tray-pack corn

Hugh Branch, South Bay Fla., is in its second year partnering with Nardelli Bros. Inc., Cedarville, N.J., offering its corn for the New Jersey company’s tray-pack operation.

Pandemic helps boost bagged avocado sales

Sales of bagged avocados seem to have taken off since the COVID-19 pandemic hit, and suppliers of Peruvian fruit say there are a couple of reasons why.