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Mulling the future of packaging

What is the biggest change in packaging coming in the next five years?

Plastic boxes help remove wax cartons from landfills

Eliminating the use of wax cartons is one way that Lakeside Organic Gardens is answering the call for more sustainable packaging.

New sustainable date packaging from Bard Valley

Bard Valley Date Growers Association has unveiled new sustainable packaging

Zespri sets sustainability goals for packaging

New Zealand-based kiwifruit marketer Zespri plans to have 100% recyclable, reusable or compostable packaging by 2025.

Reusable packaging group releases industry survey

The Reusable Packaging Association has launched the 2020 State of the Reusable Packaging Industry Survey.

Oppy debuts sustainable sugarcane fiber KeeWee brand packs

The Oppenheimer Group is introducing a sustainable packaging for its KeeWee brand kiwifruit.

Syngenta’s Yoom tomato earns top Fruit Logistica award

Syngenta Seeds’ Yoom tomato received the top Innovation Award at Fruit Logistica.

Sorma’s packaging reduces plastic, encourages recycling

Itallian packaging and equipment company Sorma Group has a new packaging line that not only reduces overall plastic, but makes recycling of the packaging components easier.

Fox Packaging promotes Lucas Fox to director of operations

Fox Packaging, McAllen, Texas, has promoted Lucas Fox to director of operations.

U.S., other berry groups make sustainable packaging pledge

Berry growers and trade associations in the U.S., Mexico and South America are pledging to use 100% recycle-ready packaging for all fresh berries by 2025.