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U.S. salmonella cases jump; Publix recalls bulk red onions

Another retailer has recalled products containing onions that came from a California grower because some of the onions from the company have been linked to an outbreak of Salmonella Newport.

Taylor Farms recalls items containing onions linked to outbreak

Taylor Farms Texas, Dallas, has recalled seven products and the USDA has issued a public health alert for six other items from the company because they all contain onions linked to a salmonella outbreak.

Sysco recalls red onions in Canada in salmonella outbreak

Sysco Canada is recalling red onions imported from the U.S., naming the onions as the possible source of a salmonella outbreak, and Canadian health officials are advising people not to eat the onions.

Cyclosora infections continue to mount as source remains unknown

An outbreak of Cyclospora infections linked garden salads continues to grow as health officials seek where the ingredients were grown.

Cyclospora infections from salads rise, found in Canada

Cases of cyclospora infection linked to Fresh Express salads continue to rise, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and Canada is reporting its first cases.

FDA seeks source of Fresh Express salad ingredients in recalls

(UPDATED/CORRECTED) Cyclospora infections linked to Fresh Express garden salads continue to rise and now include Walmart private-label bagged salads, including salad served at a North Dakota restaurant.

Cyclospora cases in salad recalls rising rapidly

Hy-Vee, Aldi and Jewel-Osco have recalled private label garden salads supplied by Fresh Express after they were linked to an outbreak of cyclospora, with cases rapidly increasing.

FDA declares deadly listeria outbreak from enoki mushrooms over

An outbreak of Listeria monocytogenes linked to enoki mushrooms that spanned more than three years and led to four deaths appears to be over, according to the Food and Drug Administraton.

UN food and ag group answers top global COVID-19 impact questions

By April and May, the logistics of transporting fresh fruit and vegetables will be in jeopardy from the COVID-19 pandemic more than the production of fresh produce, according to the United Nations.

FDA advises against eating sprouts from Chicago Indoor Garden

The Food and Drug Administration is advising consumers against eating several sprouts products from Chicago Indoor Garden after testing linked it to an earlier outbreak of E. coli.