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UN food and ag group answers top global COVID-19 impact questions

By April and May, the logistics of transporting fresh fruit and vegetables will be in jeopardy from the COVID-19 pandemic more than the production of fresh produce, according to the United Nations.

FDA advises against eating sprouts from Chicago Indoor Garden

The Food and Drug Administration is advising consumers against eating several sprouts products from Chicago Indoor Garden after testing linked it to an earlier outbreak of E. coli.

FreshDirect helps NYC pantry amid coronavirus concerns

Bronx, N.Y.-based FreshDirect is donating meals, securing trucks and providing employee volunteers to a food pantry experiencing shortages related to the new coronavirus COVID-19.

Baldor postpones BITE 2020 over NYC coronavirus outbreak

NEW YORK, N.Y. — Baldor BITE, an expo drawing more than 2,000 people, has been rescheduled for Sept. 9 because of increased concerns over the new coronavirus outbreak affecting the New York City metro area.

Four listeria deaths over three years traced to enoki mushrooms

Enoki mushrooms from South Korea have been recalled and investigators are linking them to a multi-year outbreak of Listeria Monocytogenes that has killed four people.

FDA outlines 2020 plan to stop E. coli outbreaks from leafy greens

The Food and Drug Administration has released its game plan for the year on resolving repeated E. coli outbreaks from romaine lettuce

FMI targets safety of leafy greens in 2020

FMI, recently rebranded as The Food Industry Association, recently released food safety priorities for the year, singling out leafy greens as one of four main focuses.

Survey shows influence of outbreaks, recalls on consumers

Fifty-six percent of U.S. shoppers are more concerned about food safety than they were a year ago, according to a survey from British consulting firm Lloyd’s Register.

Sprouts from Jimmy John’s named in another E. coli outbreak

The Food and Drug Administration is investigating another E. coli outbreak linked to sprouts from Jimmy John’s restaurants, just days after the FDA warned the company its food safety procedures were lacking.

FDA warns Jimmy John’s after outbreaks from sprouts, cukes

Jimmy John’s has a pattern of receiving and selling “adulterated” sprouts and cucumbers, leading to repeated outbreaks of foodborne illness, according to the Food and Drug Administration.