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Morning Kiss Organic to offer Vidalia and other onions

Morning Kiss is offering organic Vidalia onions this spring, along with red, yellow and white onions from the Eastern U.S.

Brad Stark returns to Jacobs Farm Del Cabo

Jacbos Farm Del Cabo, Santa Cruz, Calif., has hired Brad Stark as sales manager.

USDA sued over hydroponic organic certification

The Center for Food Safety and growers of organic food are suing the U.S. Department of Agriculture, to stop the National Organic Program from allowing hydroponically grown produce from being certified organic.

Rico Farms opens biofactory for organic produce

Rico Farms has opened what it calls a biofactory at its Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico, to manufacture products designed to boost farmland fertility.

2020 Organic Fresh Trends data on spinach

Spinach was the second most popular item that consumers bought as organic at least some of the time, of those studied in Organic Fresh Trends 2020.

Crespo shipping organic mangoes from southern Mexico

El Grupo Crespo, which markets Crespo-brand mangoes, has opened its packing facility in Chiapas, packing and shipping organic mangoes from the facility.

Organic purchasing patterns of tomatoes

Younger shoppers are more open to buying organic tomatoes every time they make a purchase, according to Organic Fresh Trends 2020.

Organic salad mix sales in 2019

Nearly one-quarter of salad mix buyers (24%) said they purchased organic greens at least some of the time over the past year, according to Organic Fresh Trends 2020.

Specialty, organic potatoes help expand sales

There’s more to the potato business than reds, whites and russets, marketers say. Specialty varieties and organics are important parts of the product mix, they note.

Argentine pear program starts with bartletts on both coasts

Awe Sum Organics, Santa Cruz, Calif., started its pear program in Argentina in mid-February, with arrivals of bartletts on both coasts.