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How to earn that produce aisle promotion

Whenever someone in the retail produce business asks what it takes to get promoted, I always say, “That depends.”

For those in agriculture, work-life balance is elusive

I don’t need to tell you that working in agriculture is a 24 hours a day, 7 days a week gig.

Produce management success requires a voice

My old college program emphasized that each course pushed improving our presentation and speaking skills.

Step up online retailing efforts for produce

If it were up to the Center for Science in the Public Interest, it is doubtful that any major online retailer would make now the grade to win an award for outstanding produce sales efforts.

Food trends for 2020: Fresh beats fads

As a food journalist and a relatively curious eater, I’m always a sucker for those end-of-year lists predicting what trends will be big in the new year.

Increasing consumption starts with kids

As a result of having five (going on six) children under the age of 8, I find myself spending a good deal of my time engaging with, listening to and observing them.

Produce resolutions for the new year

The produce department might never be busier than the first few weeks of January, as shoppers approach stores with the best of intentions, determined to buy more fruits and vegetables and get healthier in the new year.

To find food safety efficiencies, look to the research

As important as fresh produce food safety is, we all have limited budgets to work with. As executives, we should want to know whether the food safety investments we’re making have the desired effect.

Thanks for contributing in 2019

Perspectives from members of the produce industry and its observers are valuable to The Packer and its readers.

Beyond Grandma’s steamed broccoli

There is a reason vegetables used to have a bad reputation, and, frankly it stems from bad preparation that often includes overcooking, poor seasoning and lack of creativity.
Dec 30, 2019 by Tim York #Opinion, #Foodservice