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Stand firm in connection with one another

Ohio, where I live and work, has issued an order for everyone in the state to shelter in place. Restaurants and schools have been closed, large gatherings are prohibited — and the world of produce has suddenly changed.

Why we write about the 'Dirty Dozen'

We know you hate the Dirty Dozen list, and we hate it, too.

Get personal, even with ‘impersonal’ technology

Maybe you’re working from home right now. Maybe that’s impossible in your business.

Restaurants fight to survive amid coronavirus shutdowns

The world as we know it has changed, perhaps indefinitely, as industries across the country and globe are coming to terms with the new realities born as a result of the coronavirus COVID-19.

In the wake of panic shoppers

It was ugly. It was all at once curious, sad, remarkable, shocking and sobering.

'Going deep' on professional relationships

There’s a difference between having a big professional network and a strong one.

Fresh-cut fruit sections: Go big or go home

Cut fruit programs have tremendous potential — but what I see all too often isn’t quite what retailers had in mind for this concept.

Coronavirus might be boosting canned, but fresh wins in the end

Canned food is having a moment, but don’t expect it to last long.

Get creative to keep clerks' productivity going

One thing that irked me as a produce manager was when a clerk would say, “I’m going to take a break,” and their allotted 15 minutes dragged on and on.

Knowledge (of your customers) is power

If I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard or seen the term “personalization” in the past six months, I would be headed out for a very nice dinner.