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A produce manager’s promo wish list

We turn to the reader’s forum this week, where this question was recently presented: How long should a produce assistant serve in that position before they’re ready to get promoted to produce manager?

The produce industry can make a difference

I am challenging you, the produce industry, to collaborate with each other to move the needle on our children’s health.

It’s time to demand resolution on trade issues

Today (Oct. 11) I read a Drudge Report headline that 51% of Americans would like to see President Trump impeached.
Oct 16, 2019 by Tom Karst #Opinion, #Produce (General)

Ron Clark: Silence equals complicity on climate change

It is depressing to see our silence on voicing the truth that we are all experiencing and fighting every day — that our climate is indeed changing, and we need to find solutions.

Finding quality, flavor in previewed products

Over the span of a few days recently, my colleague Amelia Freidline and I tried more than 30 new items that will be featured at the Produce Marketing Association’s Fresh Summit.

Rusty Blade’s gridiron saga

I was reading a favorite biography about Vince Lombardi, “When Pride Still Mattered,” by David Maraniss, when Russ T. Blade cut around the corner...

Why the middleman still matters

Farm to table is the ethos of the last decade’s food culture, or in our industry’s case, it’s often farm to store shelf.

Alex DiNovo: Is it luck or business skill?

Fresh produce is an industry that leaves a lot up to chance, in spite of our best intentions and efforts to control things.

Groceryshop’s retail lessons for produce

Groceryshop once again gave a big-picture look at how retailers are adapting to stay relevant as the industry continues to change.

A fall produce booster shot

I’m bummed. That’s my old-school, ’70s lingo for being down, sad, and a bit weary.