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A personal view of COVID-19's impact on UK supply chains

There hasn’t been a fresh produce supplier or farm in the UK that hasn’t been impacted by COVID-19. In some instances, it has shown how fragile our supply chains are — in others, how robust they can be.

Don’t count salad bars out

As disastrous as we all know COVID-19 has been to our nation and to the fresh produce industry, the collateral damage still brings me up short.

Now rethink everything

If you read the headline and shuddered a little inside, you’re not alone.

7 tips for outstanding service

If you haven’t noticed, top-notch customer service is my pet peeve.

Local produce matters

I have lost count of the number of times that I have been in a debate about local produce.
Jun 08, 2020 by Alex DiNovo #Opinion, #Local, #Produce Retail

A day in the life of a produce supervisor

As produce supervisors, we were often looked at as retail “cops,” making unannounced visits around our 66-store chain to drop in on produce managers and see what kind of shape their departments were in that day.

COVID-19 could test push toward sustainability

Suddenly the industry’s attention on continuous improvement has wavered. The COVID-19 crisis refocused operators on simply surviving. Full steam ahead on plastics, recyclable or not!

Grocery shopping while pregnant in a pandemic

At the beginning of March, I would have never imagined the world would be in its current state, when suddenly, my social media, news outlets and work e-mail were taken over by COVID-19 updates.

Enlist some ‘seasoned’ help

“You’re a produce person? I would buy more fresh produce if I only knew what was in season — you know, what’s really good right now.”

A first impression to last an industry

A black pickup truck emerged from the dawn fog on a chilly December morning, pulling into the hotel driveway in upstate New York. In the driver’s seat was Jim Allen, vice president marketing at New York Apple Sales.