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Pump up holiday displays

Pumping up or building massive produce displays is not uncommon during the holidays.

Inventory time doesn’t have to be a headache

“Ugh! This Saturday night I have inventory.”

Alex DiNovo's 2050 produce predictions

As one year closes and another begins, it is a good time to take stock of everything that has happened and look forward to plan and predict what the future might hold.

Give shoppers something to talk about

It is a fabulous feeling to have a story to share, and Rouses Markets delivered that for its shoppers Dec. 4 with a promotion centered around the world’s largest avocado display at its store on Tchoupitoulas Street.

Putting food safety into action

Over the past decade, there have been significant advancements to create a more proactive, preventative approach to food safety under the Food Safety Modernization Act.

Produce shopping in 2050: Futuristic or more of the same?

The produce department of tomorrow may not be one.
Nov 25, 2019 by Tom Karst #Opinion, #Produce Retail

Keep an eye on holiday trends

A simple question for retailers as we near the end of November: Do you know what your shoppers are doing for the holidays this year?

Invite consumers to make a change for good

The future food choices of consumers are difficult enough to predict based on their past behavior.

Turkey, cranberries, apple pie ... and Brussels sprouts?

I’m decidedly pro-sprouts. I’ve just never seen them on the Thanksgiving table.

When produce clerks are poached for the checkstand

Everyone has a job, and yet ... produce people sometimes spend too much time in a checkstand.