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Strawberries catch eyes on PMG

Pummelos and oranges maintained the top two spots on PMG the first week of January, but strawberries rejoined the list at No. 3.

Citrus rules PMG's top 20

Citrus surged in interest during the last few days of December, taking six of the top 20 spots.

Avocados take No. 1 on PMG

Avocados bounced from No. 7 the week of Nov. 30 to take the lead spot on PMG the week of Nov. 7.

Citrus interest big on PMG

Organic pears maintained the top spot on PMG the week of Nov. 30, but citrus showed strong interest overall, taking six of the top 20 spots.

Pummelo grabs interest on PMG

Organic pears, in the PMG top 10 for the past couple of weeks, took over as No. 1 the week of Nov. 9, bumping lettuce to No. 2.

Lettuce takes over on PMG

The top five fruits and vegetables on PMG saw some dramatic shifts the week of Nov. 9 as lettuce moved up from No. 3 to No. 1, oranges climbed from No. 8 to No. 2, and organic pears moved from No. 6 to No. 3.

Pomegranates, kiwifruit see interest on PMG

Pumpkins regained the top two spots on PMG the week of Oct. 26, leading up to Halloween, while lettuce moved up a couple of places to No. 3.

Citrus, tropicals pick up interest on PMG

The top 20 produce items on PMG shuffled a bit the week of Oct. 19, with new citrus items joining the list and tropical fruit getting some interest as well.

Pumpkins top the list on PMG

Fall is in full swing now, and seasonal favorite pumpkins took the top two spots on PMG the week of Oct. 12.

Plums get lots of love on PMG

As the official start to autumn neared fall staples took more spots among the PMG top 20, but summer items and year-round favorites still held their own the week of Sept. 7.