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Sun World Innovations names grape marketers for U.S., Canada

Sun World Innovations, Palm Desert, Calif., has chosen a group of companies to import and market proprietary grapes in North America.

Chilean Kiwifruit Committee debuts North American marketing

The Chilean Kiwifruit Committee is kicking off its first marketing campaign for North America, following rising volumes of the Fruit arriving in the U.S. each season.

Bostock New Zealand selling organic apples directly in U.S.

Organic apple grower and exporter Bostock New Zealand will be marketing apples in the U.S. this summer, with direct sales from a North American office.

Mexican tomato growers reject U.S. proposal, file lawsuits

Mexican tomato growers have rejected the latest proposal from the Department of Commerce for a renewed tomato suspension agreement.

New round of tariffs on fruit, vegetables from China

The U.S. slapped 25% tariffs on a number of fruit and vegetable imports from China, from cauliflower to garlic and certain berries.

It’s official: Commerce’s decision on Mexican tomatoes

The Department of Commerce’s official notice on its termination of a tomato suspension agreement with Mexico is scheduled to be published May 13.

West Mexico import veteran Al Bernardi remembered

Al Bernardi, who helped established a Nogales, Ariz., brokerage as the area became a key link to imported produce, has died.

U.S. set to drop Mexican tomato suspension agreement

The Department of Commerce will follow through on its plan to withdraw from an agreement with Mexican tomato growers, triggering a 17.56% duty on tomatoes from Mexico, according to a Mexican official.

Analysis: higher tomato prices if Commerce drops agreement

Consumer prices for some tomato varieties from Mexico could initially rise 40% in the U.S. when domestic supplies are low, according to an analysis on possible effect of duties on imported tomatoes when the Tomato Suspension Agreement is dropped in early May.

Pacific Trellis poised to move more Mexican grapes

As the Mexican grape season begins, importers will be seeing an expected 22-million carton crop this season, a one-third increase from last season.