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New inspections for Mexican tomatoes at border coming soon

The U.S. Department will start inspecting Mexican tomatoes entering the U.S. on April 4, as part of the suspension agreement with the Department of Commerce’s International Trade Administration.

FDA stops enforcing onsite audits and testing of imported food

The Food and Drug Administration has suspended enforcement of verifying Food Safety Modernization Act audit requirements for importers and food facilities because of the coronavirus COVID-19 spread.

FDA suspends inspections in foreign countries due to coronavirus

The Food and Drug Administration has halted most inspections of food facilities outside of the U.S. through April, as travel restrictions increase in response to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Mariposa Road project begins at Nogales port of entry

The Fresh Produce Association of the Americas and its members are welcoming the start of work on the Mariposa Road project, the main road bringing fresh Mexican produce into Nogales, Ariz.

Florida, Georgia hearings set for concerns on unfair trade with Mexico

The Office of U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer has scheduled hearings for growers to talk about concerns of unfair competition with Mexican products.

Law adds agriculture inspectors, trained dogs at border entries

President Trump has signed into law a bill that adds agricultural inspectors and canine teams at border entry points to examine food imports.

Registrar updates FDA food safety compliance monitor

Registrar Corp. has upgraded it FDA Compliance Monitor with risk evaluation tools.

Moroccan season starts for LGS Specialty’s Darling Clementines

LGS Specialty Sales, New Rochelle, N.Y., has started its Moroccan w. murcott season, importing the clementines through April.

World Direct Shipping extends Port Manatee agreement

World Direct Shipping, Palmetto, Fla., has extended an agreement with Port Manatee, and added a third vessel to its service.

American Grown campaign seeks relief through consumer support

In the wake of trade deals that have left some U.S. produce growers unhappy about an influx of imported fruits and vegetables, the new American Grown campaign is taking its message to consumers instead of lawmakers.