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Fresh Trends survey weighs packaging preference

More consumers prefer to buy bulk produce over packaged produce, according to new data from The Packer’s Fresh Trends 2020 survey.

2019 marketing insights for organic banana purchases

Nearly one-quarter of banana buyers said they selected organic fruit at least some of the time, Organic Fresh Trends 2020 research shows.

The probability of an organic apple purchase

As one of the most popular items in the produce department, apples enjoy a steady organic presence.

2019 organic strawberry purchases

Consumers continue to look for organic strawberries; in fact, marketers moved 6.2 million pounds more organic berries in 2018 than in 2017, according to data from IRI/FreshLook Marketing.

Organic artichoke purchasing trends

The organic version of this spiky vegetable found favor in households with children, according to Organic Fresh Trends 2020.

2020 Organic Fresh Trends: Citrus

Citrus fruits enjoy a loyal organic following. Families with kids really favor organic oranges.

Organic fruits and vegetables expand the marketplace

Organics have been a part of the mainstream market for years now, and while the shoppers still see them as their own category, consumers tend to accept organically grown produce as an “added choice”.

2019 organic avocado purchasing trends

Avocados were the No. 1 item that consumers said they bought as organic at least some of the time, based on those commodities studied in Organic Fresh Trends 2019.

2020 Organic Fresh Trends Data: Mushrooms

Sales of organic mushrooms increased from 2017 to 2018, up nearly $13.5 million from 2017 to 2018.

Environmental and safety issues drive decisions

Consumers look to organics for that “feel good” factor