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What’s wrong with the produce markets?

What’s wrong with the produce markets?

As wide as possible: industry on the definition of ag commodities

Several industry groups have provided input to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration on the question of hours of service rules as they relate to definitions of agricultural commodities.

Honeycrisp still tops but Cosmic Crisp press grows

The Washington apple market so far reflects the premium pricing of the Honeycrisp apple, as ever. 

Fresh produce expenditures by income and generation

Here are a couple of charts showing fresh produce expenditures by generation and income.

Wanted H-2A reform: in Yoho’s words

Can Congress really take up immigration legislation so close to an election year? It seems doubtful, but if it is possible it may be that a targeted approach to H-2A reform would be the vehicle. 

Let them eat cake.. should shippers care more about driver detention?

There continues to be a lot of conversation about driver detention times, and the U.S.  Department of Transportation was still taking input on the issue until Sept. 9.

To infinity and beyond.. imports growing fast from Peru

In a previous post, I showed charts of fresh fruit and vegetable exports to specific markets.

Waste not, want not lessons given here

If you compare a thousand households to mine, I would wager my wife and I don’t waste food at nearly the “average” rate. We are a one-percenter in that way.

Putting a finer point on export trends

With this blog post, I have included a series of charts showing export sales of fresh fruit and vegetables to some of the biggest export destinations for U.S. producers.

Anthropomorphize this! Ugly produce needs a friend

That cucumber shouldn't be trashed; it is merely a senior citizen.