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Tomato suspension agreement hanging in the balance

I recently asked the public affairs office of the U.S. International Trade Administration about the status of the talks for a new tomato suspension agreement between Mexican tomato growers and the U.S. 

What’s the matter with carrots?

What’s wrong with carrots?

United Fresh on the theft of the produce halo

It is one of the ironies of marketing that the healthiest food often isn’t labeled as such at our retail supermarkets.

Hours of service rule draws thousands of comments, but is it enough?

With more than 4,000 comments filed already, input is due Oct. 10 on the FMCSA's advance notice of proposed rulemaking on hours of service rule regulations for commercial truck drivers.
Oct 08, 2018 by Tom Karst #Fresh Talk

Exports in dead heat compared with a year ago

As inexplicable as it may seem, exports of fresh fruits and vegetables for January to August are basically unchanged from the same period a year ago.
Oct 05, 2018 by Tom Karst #Fresh Talk

The Packer’s past issues preserved

I received a welcome email this morning from a one-time employee at The Packer.

Dog bites man: college students don’t eat enough fruits and veggies

Stop the presses. reports “Most Students Don’t Eat Enough Fruits, Vegetables” in a story on recent research from the American College Health Association.

Spending on fruits and vegetables under trend

Are fresh fruits and vegetables getting their “fair share”?

Problems and answers on food loss in produce crops

Yes, there is another food waste study.

Trump trade tactics bring out doubters, but believers persist

I was visiting with my 30-something son last night and he was remarking about President Trump’s incredible energy. He also marveled at how Trump simplifies all the issues he deals with to black and white.