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No Packer jinx for celery

The urban legend of the Sports Illustrated cover jinx goes something to the effect that people or teams on the cover of the magazine subsequently experience bad luck. 

Import share of fresh vegetables continues to climb

The latest numbers from the U.S. Department of Agriculture show that the import share of the U.S. fresh vegetable supply continues to rise.

Closing the border is preposterous, but what if?

Of course, President Trump won't close the border. But what if he did?

Then and now: Reminiscences of a Packer Man - in 1923

A few years ago, Larry Danielson — a retired former employee of the Red Book (now Produce Market Guide) — mailed The Packer a slim 89-page paperback book.

Cooper: Tapping into primal desires and building a bigger sandbox

How much is food choice based on a logical thought process versus an instinctual, “primal” desire?

Eat produce, be happy

Instead of going out to lunch for that quarter-pounder bacon burger, why not just pick the salad bar? 

Use of antibiotics as tool to fight citrus greening weighed

The Environmental Protection Agency is taking public comments until March 14 on its proposed decision to establish tolerances for the use of streptomycin in/on citrus fruit.

Border wall question lingers for Trump, country

The Packer’s newest poll question simply asks “How do you feel about President Trump’s plan to build a border wall at the U.S.- Mexican border?”

Feeling nostalgic about buyer-seller relationships

I read a recent article that cassette tapes are making something of a comeback, fed by what I believe must be misplaced “nostalgia.”