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Coronavirus market focus: potatoes

Trying to find potatoes at the supermarket isn’t as tough as finding toilet paper, but spuds have been moving fast and furious during the early days of the lockdown with the COVID-19 outbreak.

Coronavirus market update: apples

One of the big supply chain questions related to the coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak is the effect of the crisis on demand for particular commodities.

Fireworks over the seasonal protection postponed but not canceled

You probably saw the news that field hearings to consider protection measures for U.S. produce against fruit and vegetable imports have been postponed.

After COVID-19, how soon back to normal? Or the “new normal”?

About a week ago, the tidal wave that is the coronavirus began to upend the lives of every American.

Retail demand gives jolt to markets

A peek at the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s daily market news highlight page usually doesn’t reveal too much.

Coronavirus spurs concerns for farmworkers

The hundreds of thousands of farmworkers who harvest fruits and vegetables for U.S. consumers are often taken for granted.

Silver linings playbook for the coronavirus

Consumers who want a strong immune system are looking to fresh produce.

Living in the time of the coronavirus

It was only two days ago that I posed this question to the LinkedIn Fresh Produce Industry Discussion Group, but it already feels incredibly dated.

Coronavirus and food: never the twain shall meet?

My wife attended yoga class this morning and one of the women said she was soaking fruits and vegetables in water and vinegar out of concern for the coronavirus spreading through food.

Flash forward: what if COVID-19 spreads to your hometown?

Flash forward: what if COVID-19 spreads?