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Walmart sales still up  but show reduced growth

Retail food sales are still up big, but the cruise control button is off.

Retailers have salad days now, but what about next year?

Grocery stores have nearly had a captive market during the COVID-19 pandemic, and the statistics reflect that observation.

Stuff you should know: consumer annual spend on fruits and vegetables

What is the annual consumer “spend” on fresh produce? That number, organized by age, income, education level, race, and more is available from the Consumer Expenditures data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Agricultural innovation needed and the USDA is open to ideas

What kind of innovation is needed to feed x(number) billion people in Y(date)?

Supermarkets scale back produce ads during COVID-19 lockdown

In the continuing market disruption related to the COVID-19, supermarkets are not running their typical amount of weekly promotions for fruits and vegetables.

On produce price trends and consumer sentiments

A previous post looked at the rise bagged produce in recent weeks

Oh very young - Steve Lutz on younger consumers after COVID-19

The Packer’s Tom Karst visited April 6 with Steve Lutz, senior vice president of insights and innovation for Category Partners.
Apr 07, 2020 by Tom Karst #Video, #COVID-19, #Fresh Talk, #COVID-19

Strange days in retail promotions: bagged produce winning

Retail ads for fresh produce are way down because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Just in: fresh vegetable per capita availability 2019

Relax. Newly updated figures show 2019 per capita statistics for fresh vegetables, and it is good news.

Farm labor issues follow COVID-19

Germany may lose up to a third of its seasonal agricultural workers in the wake of reports that it has closed its borders with Bulgaria and Romania.