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Food safety

StePac’s Xtend Iceless packaging shifts from traditional method

StePac, Tefen, Israel, is changing the traditional shipping method of packing broccoli and other vegetables in ice, with its modified atmosphere/modified humidity packaging.

Clear Labs adds listeria testing, mapping capabilities

Clear Labs, Menlo Park, Calif., has new listeria testing and environmental mapping capabilities on its Clear Safety platform, a rapid detection method that reduces the time needed to pinpoint sources of contamination.

United Fresh to update harmonized GAP standard

The United Fresh Produce Association plans to update the Good Agricultural Practices Harmonized Standard, 10 years after its inception.

Senators sponsor bill to boost inspectors of imports

Four U.S. senators have introduced legislation to boost the number of federal employees inspecting food at the borders.

Packer Insight — Outbreak, retail insight and Northeast update

Retail editor Ashley Nickle and Northeast editor Amy Sowder run down the news of the week, from a salmonella outbreak linked to papayas to legislation in New York to a pair of great columns from retail veterans.

FDA and CDC work to stop Cyclospora contamination

The FDA and the CDC are working to identify data gaps and research needs to develop improved tools to detect, prevent, and control Cyclospora contamination of food.

Western Growers launches food safety software program

Western Growers has launched the Supply Chain Risk Management Solution, a comprehensive program designed to reduce outbreaks, and some leafy greens grower-shippers are testing the software.

How's your food safety focus?

The Center for Produce Safety recently had its 10th symposium, so this is a timely question: Is your company investing enough time, money and other resources in food safety?

Updated Tomato Metrics outline food safety standards

The United Fresh Produce Association has released updated food safety audit standards for the fresh tomato supply chain.

CPS shares research relevant for produce at 10th symposium

AUSTIN, Texas — Scientists presented research on animal intrusion, water treatment, buffer zones and much more at the 10th Center for Produce Safety Symposium June 18-19.