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Food safety

Scott Mathews joins iFoodDS as CEO

Scott Mathews is the new CEO of iFoodDecisionSciences, and Diane Wetherington has been appointed executive chairwoman of the board.

FDA revisits food safety with Mexican papaya industry

The Food and Drug Administration has issued a second notice to the importance of food safety measures to the Mexican papaya industry.

PTI adds, updates tools to support traceability

The Produce Traceability Initiative has added/upgrade four tools for the industry to support traceability implementation.

Canada to require LGMA certification for Arizona leafy greens

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency will be requiring that leafy greens from Arizona must be from a grower involved in the state’s Leafy Greens Marketing Agreement to be imported into Canada.

Procurant offers cloud-based traceability service

Procurant, Los Gatos, Calif., has a new cloud-based traceability service.

Food safety focus: Turning up the heat on composting

Both conventional and organic farming employ finished compost to enhance tilth and provide slow-release fertilizer for crops. However, compost can also pose a risk to the food safety of fresh produce.

Florida waits for rebound from COVID-19 in phases

COVID-19 has had a profound effect on the economy of Florida, nearly stopping tourism and related industry in its tracks since mid-March.

Jen Warner joins Raley’s as chief administrative officer

Raley’s has hired Jen Warner as chief administrative officer, overseeing the company’s food safety, sustainability and other programs.

Distance from CAFOs — Looking at the risks and how to mitigate them

Let’s explore a challenging, complex and sensitive food safety question: How can our industry operate more safely in proximity to concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs)?

LGMA web seminar updates buyers on food safety issues

UPDATED: The California Leafy Greens Marketing Agreement has scheduled another web seminar for retailers, foodservice operators and other buyers, with an emphasis on COVID-19 updates.