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FDA continues import inspections remotely

The Food and Drug Administration is asking importers to send records required by the Food Safety Modernization Act’s Foreign Supplier Verification Programs electronically.

Food industry releases response guidelines for COVID-19 employees

Members of the Food and Beverage Issues Alliance have collaborated with the Food and Drug Administration on guidelines for food companies to follow if an employee or customer tests positive for COVID-19.

FDA answers food safety questions regarding COVID-19

The Food and Drug Administration is addressing food safety concerns about the coronavirus COVID-19 through an extensive Q&A that cover

FDA stops enforcing onsite audits and testing of imported food

The Food and Drug Administration has suspended enforcement of verifying Food Safety Modernization Act audit requirements for importers and food facilities because of the coronavirus COVID-19 spread.

FDA suspends inspections in foreign countries due to coronavirus

The Food and Drug Administration has halted most inspections of food facilities outside of the U.S. through April, as travel restrictions increase in response to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Four listeria deaths over three years traced to enoki mushrooms

Enoki mushrooms from South Korea have been recalled and investigators are linking them to a multi-year outbreak of Listeria Monocytogenes that has killed four people.

FDA outlines 2020 plan to stop E. coli outbreaks from leafy greens

The Food and Drug Administration has released its game plan for the year on resolving repeated E. coli outbreaks from romaine lettuce

FDA expands comment period for lab accreditation program

The Food and Drug Administration has extended the comment period for the Food Safety Modernization Act’s Laboratory Accreditation Program proposed rule.

Registrar updates FDA food safety compliance monitor

Registrar Corp. has upgraded it FDA Compliance Monitor with risk evaluation tools.

Sprouts from Jimmy John’s named in another E. coli outbreak

The Food and Drug Administration is investigating another E. coli outbreak linked to sprouts from Jimmy John’s restaurants, just days after the FDA warned the company its food safety procedures were lacking.