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FDA traces clover sprouts in E. coli cases to common seed source

Clover sprouts from Jimmy John’s restaurants and a Chicago grower that have been linked to an E. coli outbreak came from a common seed lot.

Chicago Indoor Garden recalls red clover sprouts products

Chicago Indoor Garden is recalling all of its products containing red clover sprouts, after the Food and Drug Administration advised consumers to avoid them.

FDA advises against eating sprouts from Chicago Indoor Garden

The Food and Drug Administration is advising consumers against eating several sprouts products from Chicago Indoor Garden after testing linked it to an earlier outbreak of E. coli.

FDA outlines 2020 plan to stop E. coli outbreaks from leafy greens

The Food and Drug Administration has released its game plan for the year on resolving repeated E. coli outbreaks from romaine lettuce

Sprouts from Jimmy John’s named in another E. coli outbreak

The Food and Drug Administration is investigating another E. coli outbreak linked to sprouts from Jimmy John’s restaurants, just days after the FDA warned the company its food safety procedures were lacking.

FDA warns Jimmy John’s after outbreaks from sprouts, cukes

Jimmy John’s has a pattern of receiving and selling “adulterated” sprouts and cucumbers, leading to repeated outbreaks of foodborne illness, according to the Food and Drug Administration.

Universities develop better, faster foodborne E. coli detectors

Researchers at Kansas State University and Purdue University have discovered faster, better ways to detect foodborne pathogens that are especially harmful to people.

LGMA lists steps taken by industry following E. coli outbreaks

California’s Leafy Greens Marketing Agreement has released a list of steps the group and others in the produce industry, as well as regulators, have taken to address E. coli outbreaks linked to romaine lettuce.

LGMA plans ‘overhaul’ of food safety rules in wake of outbreaks

E. coli outbreaks linked to California romaine over, but investigations continue, and growers are pledging stricter guidelines for leafy greens.

Company recalls sprouts linked to Iowa E. coli cases

Sprouts Unlimited is recalling clover sprouts, which have been linked to a cluster of E. coli cases under investigation in Iowa.