California Fall Fruit

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California Fall Fruit

Kingsburg Orchards offers wide array of fall fruit

Granny smith and gala apples will be available from Kingsburg Orchards this fall.

Anthony Vineyards features big organic grape fall volume

Bakersfield, Calif.-based Anthony Vineyards will feature big organic grape volume this fall.

Fall citrus crops showing quality fruit with larger sizing

California citrus growers anticipate a good-quality crop this fall, with early sizing a bit larger than last year.

California pomegranates setting up for peak season

Pomegranates are finally here, and California shippers will be serving them up until the end of the year.

Fall offers bounty of grapes

The fall is a season of strength for California grape marketers.

Fall strawberries ramp up

Strawberry lovers will be happy to hear that a new crop of summer-planted California berries is just around the corner.

Outlook's strong for California pears

California pears will be available through most of October, and total shipments may equal about 2.2 million bartlett pears and 500,000 cartons of bosc pears.

California grape commission plans fall promos

The California Table Grape Commission has several initiatives promoting grapes throughout the fall season.

California citrus growers anticipate good 2018-19 season

California citrus suppliers and marketers say they will have ample volumes to market in the fall, even if the numbers fall a bit short of last year.

California grape growers expect plentiful fall supply

California grapes will be plentiful this fall, grower-shippers and marketers forecast.