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Cold, rainy weather forces delays on Michigan’s crops

A lingering cold and rainy season had grower-shippers in Michigan waiting a little longer than normal this year to get their summer deals going.

COVID-19 outbreak affects Ontario asparagus harvest

After 164 migrant workers at an Ontario asparagus farm tested positive for COVID-19 about halfway through harvest season, farm leaders worked with the local health department to contain the spread.

A rocky road to stability as pandemic stretches on

The road to the new normal as the COVID-19 crisis continues is a rocky one for many in the fresh produce industry.

Pervian asparagus imports to remain steady

The Peruvian Asparagus Importers Association expects summer volume to remain consistent as the crop approaches peak shipments in August and September.

JMB’s new website arrives with start of summer asparagus season

Jacobs, Malcomb & Burtt (JMB), San Ramon, Calif., has a new website as it prepares for the start of its summer asparagus program.

Progressive Produce offers promotable asparagus volume

Harvest of asparagus in Washington state will begin in mid-April and will continue through June.

Mexican asparagus and Brussels sprouts reach good volume

The Mexican asparagus and Brussels sprouts deals have reached promotable volumes for Pompano Beach, Fla.-based Southern Specialties.

California asparagus acreage plummets

(CORRECTED, Feb. 7) At the turn of the century, California growers were farming 36,000 acres of asparagus. Twenty years later, that number has plummeted.

‘Excellent’ quality expected for asparagus crop

A new crop of asparagus is about to burst onto the produce scene, and whether it’s imported or domestic, grower-shippers say consumers are in for a treat.

Five Crowns adds people, facilities to aid berry, asparagus growth

Five Crowns Marketing, Brawley, Calif., is expanding berry and asparagus volumes, and is adding industry veterans and facilities to support the increase.