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Guess what vegetable is tops in Green Giant poll

Forget red and blue states. This polling map of the U.S. shows a green wave — and it’s not the Green Party you’re thinking of.

Fresh market takes on greater importance for Michigan asparagus

Michigan asparagus growers are fending off competition from imports and battling for long-term survival while leaning on H-2A for labor needs and moving an increasing percentage of asparagus on the fresh market.

Sandy Shore streamlines harvesting with Mantis cart

Ken Wall, owner of Sandy Shore Farms Ltd., says the one-man Mantis cart his company helped bring to market is resulting in 200% improved efficiencies compared to the standard three or five-man cart.

Asparagus season off to ‘solid’ start

Asparagus growers may be the only happy farmers in Ontario at the moment.

Packer Interview - Shay Myers

The Packer’s Tom Karst talks with Shay Myers, general manager of Nyssa, Ore.-based Owyhee Produce on May 28.

Asparagus season in Michigan starts, peak hits Memorial Day

Michigan asparagus season has started, following a cool spring that gave growers some extra time to prepare fields.

Women in Produce — Katiana Valdes

Katiana Valdes is a self-confessed produce nerd.

Riveridge’s Michigan asparagus program ready

Riveridge Produce, Sparta, Mich., is ready for the asparagus season.

Donald Alford joins JMB to focus on asparagus, sweet corn

Asparagus and sweet corn company Jacobs, Malcolm & Burtt, San Ramon, Calif., has hired Donald Alford in sales.

Imports, labor issues trouble California asparagus growers

The weather is no longer the biggest challenge facing asparagus growers in California as they prepare for this year’s anticipated March-to-summer harvest season.
Jan 23, 2019 by Carol Lawrence #The Packer, #Asparagus