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Applewood Fresh and the Produce Moms co-brand apple packages

Sparta, Mich.-based apple shipper Applewood Fresh and The Produce Moms have launched a co-branded apple package timed for fall sales and the holiday baking season.

Walmart to hand out Rockit apples at trick-or-treating events

Walmart stores in numerous states will be handing out Rockit apples from Chelan Fresh during drive-through Halloween events.

Ambrosia Gold has broad appeal

After more than a decade of robust category performance in the U.S.A., Ambrosia continues to hold its position as one of America’s favorite apples.

Honeybear Brand set to kick off Pazazz apple season

Growers can never predict what mother nature will throw at them, but this year she provided the perfect conditions for a beautiful Pazazz apple crop in all growing regions.

Harvest of largest Arctic apple crop wraps up

Okanagan Specialty Fruits® (OSF), developer and grower behind the innovative Arctic® apple, is pleased to announce the completion of the 2020 Arctic® apple harvest, its largest to date. 

The Oppenheimer Group teases new packaging

The Oppenheimer Group teased new apple packaging at the PMA’s Fresh Summit. The packaging pictured at the virtual booth is a pyramid-shaped paper-based graphic container and holds four Jazz apples. 

FirstFruits wants consumers to Crave the Crunch with Opals

FirstFruits Marketing, Yakima, Wash., is starting the Opal apple season with a consumer campaign, Crave the Crunch.

Honeybear apple emojis ask: Are you hangry or satisfied?

Honeybear Brands, Elgin, Minn., is adding price look-up stickers featuring emojis on apples to help consumers experience “all the feels.”

Versatile product mix will elevate apple category, Stemilt says

A review of retail sales data by Stemilt Growers’ Roger Pepperl an Brianna Shales shows apples have been a strong performer for the last quarter, and there is more to come.

New Product Review — Lunch Kitz from Crunch Pak

Curious about Lunch Kitz? In case you haven't yet scored a sample, Amelia and Ashley gave them a try at home as part of their New Product Review series for Fresh Summit.