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Stemilt positions Pinata apples for Cinco de Mayo

Prepared to be the star of the show, the apple with the extraordinary culinary attributes is ready to shine during two upcoming holidays: National Pinata Day and Cinco de Mayo.

Garlic and grapes make a comeback in PMG top 20

Pummelos, oranges and strawberries maintained the top three spots on PMG the week of Jan. 11, but mandarins rose from No. 11 the previous week to No. 4, and cabbage, previously No. 12, moved up to the No. 5 spot.

Stemilt positions Pink Lady apples for Valentine's Day promotions

Valentine’s Day promotions are on the radar and Stemilt’s Pink Lady apples should be a top promotion contender for the loveliest day of the year.

Stemilt Fast Facts: Apple sales up, volume down in late 2020

Stemilt’s marketing director Brianna Shales and communications manager, Katie Harmon, start 2021 by analyzing the last 12 weeks of Nielsen retail scan data during Stemilt’s Fast Facts: The Cast video analysis.

Strawberries catch eyes on PMG

Pummelos and oranges maintained the top two spots on PMG the first week of January, but strawberries rejoined the list at No. 3.

Citrus rules PMG's top 20

Citrus surged in interest during the last few days of December, taking six of the top 20 spots.

Sage Fruit adds apple, pear tote bag

One of the chief initiatives at Yakima, Wash.-based Sage Fruit Co. in 2020 pertained to sustainability, said Chuck Sinks, president of sales and marketing.

COVID-19 throws up unwelcome roadblocks for apple marketing

Not surprisingly, many marketers said the lack of in-person engagement has been the biggest drawback of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Variety balance seen as key to apple category management

Apple marketers view the Cosmic Crisp as a particularly bright star in a growing constellation of new apple varieties.

Retailers have options with promotions, marketers say

Though COVID-19 has taken away the opportunities for in-person sampling and other strategies, retailers have plenty of apple promotion options, marketers say.