Commodity: Spinach


Commodity Overview

Spinach sales growth appears to have slowed, but sales are still growing. Appeal to consumers looking for a more nutrient-dense base for salads than iceberg lettuce. Don’t forget to market to consumers looking to use spinach as an ingredient in more gourmet dishes.


  • One of spinach’s major selling points is its dense nutrient content and the health benefits it offers. Spinach has been shown to help fight cancer. It is high in folate, which helps protect against neural tube birth defects. Studies show spinach promotes heart health and protects the brain from some of the symptoms of aging. Vitamin A is found in spinach, which is essential for keeping eyes and skin healthy.
  • The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved the following nutrient content descriptors for spinach: fat-free, saturated fat-free, cholesterol-free, low in calories, a good source of fiber, high in vitamin A, high in vitamin C, high in iron, high in folate and a good source of magnesium.

Sales Strategies

  • Spinach is eaten both raw and cooked so it has plenty of cross-merchandising partners, including salad dressing, croutons, quiche ingredients and pizza ingredients.
  • Spinach is available year-round, so draw consumers’ attention to it frequently.
  • Fall: Promote spinach as a healthy sandwich topping for back-to-school lunch boxes.
  • Winter: Promote cooked spinach as a hearty side dish for cold winter nights. Include spinach in holiday promotions as it is a popular addition to many dips. Add spinach to wintertime soup promotions.
  • Spring: Include spinach in Easter and Mother’s Day brunch promotions as it is a favorite addition to omelets and quiches.
  • Summer: Promote spinach as a great topping for grilled sandwiches. Encourage consumers to use spinach as a base for summertime salads.
  • Promote spinach to health-conscious consumers as a high-nutrient substitute for lettuce.

Dynamic Displays

  • Offer both regular and baby spinach. Include bagged and bulk options to appeal to a variety of consumers.
  • Bagged spinach needs air so leave some space around the bags and don’t stack them. Offer bagged spinach in the same place as salad mixes to encourage consumers to use it as a base for salads.
  • Place spinach near other salad vegetables. Consider placing it next to red or yellow bell peppers or tomatoes to create an eye-catching color contrast.
  • Educate consumers about spinach’s many health benefits by displaying signs touting them.

Food Service

  • Include spinach in omelets and quiches on breakfast and brunch menus.
  • Spinach is an excellent way to boost the nutrient content of vegetarian dishes.
  • Add spinach to soups to add flavor and texture.
  • Spinach dip is always a popular appetizer.
  • Add spinach to pizza for a healthy topping.
  • Include spinach in salads and on your salad bar.

In The Backroom


32-lb. 12⁄5-bushel cartons/crates 25-lb. bushel containers 22-lb. cartons, 24-count (bunched) 20-lb. cartons, 24-count (bunched) 20-lb. cartons, 12-count (bunched) 10-lb. 24-quart baskets 8-lb. cartons, 12 10-oz. bags 2 1⁄2-lb. bags, 8- and 4- count 4 or 6 21⁄2-lb. bags RPC – 6425, 6426, 6428, 6432 Consumer packs Some product is packaged at shipping point. After harvesting, the spinach is washed three times, dried and long stems are removed. The spinach is then packaged in 6- and 10-ounce bags, which are packed either 18 bags or 12 bags per carton. Foodservice packs 4 2½-lb. bags 6 2½-lb. cello


Spinach plants U.S. No. 1 U.S. commercial Spinach leaves U.S. extra No. 1 U.S. No. 1 U.S. commercial


Temperature: 32 F (0 C) Relative humidity: 95-100% Mist: lightly Typical shelf life: 10 to 14 days Ethylene-sensitive (Do not store or transport ethylene-sensitive items with commodities that produce ethylene.) Moderately sensitive to freezing injury (Able to recover from one or two light freezings.)

Fresh Trends

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Nutrition Labels


Allow ¼ to ½ pound per person for cooked spinach and about ¼ pound per person raw.

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