Commodity: Specialty Citrus

Specialty Citrus

Commodity Overview

Specialty citrus includes tangelos, pummelos and other lesser-known citrus varieties. Many consumer are unfamiliar with those items, so engage your shoppers with samples and educational signage to drive sales.


  • Specialty citrus has a host of health benefits beyond the obvious vitamin C content. Vitamin C is an immune-system booster and a cancer-fighting antioxidant. Citrus also contains nutrients that can help fight cancer as well as promote healthy skin and protect the brain against age-related mental decline.

Sales Strategies

  • While citrus is often used as a snack, it does lend itself to cross-merchandising with items like salad mixes, juicers, peelers and zesters.
  • Some specialty citrus is available year-round. Keep consumers interested in citrus throughout the year.
  • Fall: Include specialty citrus in back-to-school promotions as a great way to get kids eating plenty of vitamin C.
  • Winter: Citrus goes hand-in-hand with the winter holidays. Promote it as a nutritious breakfast or brunch option and as a tangy addition to salads for the holiday table.
  • Spring: Appeal to consumers looking to get their bodies in shape for the summer by promoting specialty
    citrus as a new flavor for juicing.
  • Summer: On-the-go families are always looking for healthy, portable snacks. Promote citrus as the perfect traveling food that won’t melt or spoil in the car.

Dynamic Displays

  • It’s tempting to build taller citrus displays because the round fruit stacks well. However, those displays can end up rolling around the floor of your produce department if a consumer pulls the wrong piece. Keep stacks low to avoid slipping hazards.
  • Include plenty of signs to tell consumers about specialty citrus items. Post information about flavors and uses.
  • Consider offering a variety pack of specialty citrus to encourage consumers to try new things.
  • Include a wide variety of specialty citrus in your display. Giving consumers plenty of options helps them to vary their selections.
  • Take advantage of the plentiful supply of citrus during the winter when other fruits may not be as available. Promote citrus heavily during the winter season and create a large citrus display near the front of your department that includes several varieties of specialty citrus.

Food Service

  • Use citrus juice as a tenderizer for meat. The meat gets tender, and you get a unique flavor.
  • Offer citrus as part of a healthy breakfast bar.

In The Backroom


Temperature: 45 to 48 F, 7 to 9 C Relative humidity: 90-95% Mist: no Typical shelf life: 14 to 28 days Odor producer. Specialty citrus produces odors that will be absorbed by meat, eggs and dairy products.

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