Commodity: Organic Spinach


Commodity Overview

Organic spinach is a must-have in your produce department as more than 60% of all spinach sales are organic. Sales of organic spinach continue to climb with sales rising about 9% in each of the past two years. Make the most of this organic leafy green by giving it plenty of promotional attention.


For more information on variety characteristics, visit our conventional spinach page.

Sales Strategies

Sales show organic spinach is a mainstream staple in many households. Promote it regularly along with other organic vegetables used in salads. Include organic salad dressings and croutons in your promotion.

Organic spinach is a popular topping for pizza, so cross-promote it with other organic pizza ingredients.

Promote spinach to parents as a great way to get a nutrient-rich vegetable on their kids’ plates. Encourage parents to use organic spinach as a base for salads, a topping for sandwiches and a replacement for lettuce in tacos.

Spinach is a popular addition to brunch favorites like quiche and omelets. Include organic spinach in holiday promotions that focus around brunch like Mother’s Day and Easter.

Dynamic Displays

Organic spinach is available in both regular and baby varieties. Include both on your display to appeal to different types of consumers. Organic spinach is available in both bulk and packaged options. Stock both types to attract as many sales as possible.

Include bags or clamshells of organic spinach in your bagged salad case along with conventional product. Packaged options cut down on the opportunities for cross-contamination.

When displaying bulk spinach, be sure to appropriately separate it from conventional product.

Place organic spinach near other organic salad vegetables, including red or yellow bell peppers or tomatoes. The color contrast will draw shoppers’ eyes.

In The Backroom


Organic spinach is often shipped in cartons of 24 bunches or 12, 10-ounce bags. Baby spinach is often available in 4-pound cartons. Spinach is also available in cartons of 4, 2.5-pound bags.


Spinach plants
U.S. No. 1
U.S. commercial

Spinach leaves
U.S. extra No. 1
U.S. No. 1
U.S. commercial


Temperature: 32 F (0 C)
Relative humidity: 95-100% 
Mist: lightly
Typical shelf life: 10 to 14 days
Ethylene-sensitive (Do not store or transport ethylene-sensitive items with commodities that produce ethylene.)
Moderately sensitive to freezing injury (Able to recover from one or two light freezings.)

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