Commodity: Organic Romaine


Commodity Overview

Romaine has outpaced all other types of lettuce in organic sales, making it an important part of your organic lettuce mix. Organic sales accounted for 14% of all romaine sales in 2015, and sales grew 5% in 2016. Include romaine in your organic mix to add profits to your bottom line.


For more information on variety characteristics, visit our conventional romaine page.

Sales Strategies

Promote organic romaine as a more nutrient dense base for salads and topper for burgers and sandwiches than some other types of lettuce. Include romaine in grilling promotions and cross-merchandise it with organic deli meats and cheese.

Create an organic salad promotion that includes organic romaine. Promote it with organic Caesar salad dressing and organic parmesan cheese. Consider running the promotion around the Ides of March.

Promote organic romaine to parents as a healthy choice for a sandwich topper or salad base for kids. Romaine hearts’ sweeter flavor can appeal to kids more than traditional lettuces.

Dynamic Displays

Organic romaine is available as a whole head, as hearts, chopped and shredded, so include different options in your display. Consider offering chopped or shredded organic romaine in your bagged salad section.

Try stacking organic romaine vertically to create a different line to draw the consumers’ eye. This also helps keep the heads on the bottom from being crushed.

Include romaine in displays with other organic salad vegetables. Place it next to organic tomatoes or carrots for a striking color contrast.

Include signs on your display that explain organic growing practices to educate consumers and to help explain the price difference from conventional.

In The Backroom


Romaine heads and hearts come in a variety of packs similar to conventional romaine, including 24-count cartons. Shredded romaine is available in packs of 4, 5-pound bags, and chopped romaine is available in cartons of 6, 2-pound bags.


U.S. No. 1


Temperature: 32 F (0 C) (Romaine will freeze if placed directly on ice or subjected to temperatures below this. If using ice in a display, place it on the sides and not on the product.)
Relative humidity: 95% 
Mist: lightly
Typical shelf life: 14 to 21 days
Romaine does not maintain top quality when stored for extended periods.

Nutrition Labels

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