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    regular, jumbo size 22 and larger


Commodity Overview

Organic kiwifruit sales jumped in 2016, increasing by 18% after a 20% increase in 2015. This small fruit is a rising star in the organic tropicals category, accounting for 7% of overall kiwifruit sales. Include it in displays and promotions with other tropicals to round out your tropicals category.


For more information on variety characteristics, visit our conventional kiwifruit page.

Sales Strategies

Promote organic kiwifruit as a nutritious and delicious snack. Use sampling to show consumers how to simply scoop out the flesh and eat. Encourage parents to view kiwifruit as an easy, quick snack for kids that appeals to child-sized tastebuds.

Include organic kiwifruit in salad and baking promotions. Cross-merchandise it with organic bagged salads and organic baking items. It is also popular in fruit salads so promote it with other organic fruits.

Don’t forget about organic kiwifruit during the winter holidays. Its festive green color makes it a good match for the season.

Dynamic Displays

Organic kiwifruit is available in both green and gold varieties. Offer both to attract more consumers. Clearly label the two and let consumers know that gold kiwifruit has a sweeter, more tropical flavor than the green variety.

Create an organic tropicals display and make organic kiwifruit a part of the mix. Consider creating a large tropicals display with conventional on one end and organic items on the other end with the appropriate barriers to keep them separate.

Take into account kiwifruit’s fragility and avoid stacking them more than two layers deep. Don’t dump them on your display.

In The Backroom


Organic kiwifruit is often shipped in 19.8-pound cartons. Gold kiwifruit is available in 13- and 20-pound cartons. Bagged organic kiwifruit may be available, as well.


U.S. Fancy
U.S. No. 1

The federal marketing order for domestic kiwifruit requires mandatory inspection. Size 45 is the smallest size allowed. A minimum maturity of 6.5 brix is required.
New Zealand kiwifruit is all export quality, comparable to U.S. fancy. Count 42 is the smallest size shipped. Import fruit must meet minimum grade, size and maturity.


Temperature: 32 F, 0 C backroom storage
Relative humidity: 90-95%
Mist: no
Typical shelf life: Green: up to 28 days, refrigerated; three to seven days at room temperature; Gold: up to 14 days, refrigerated, three to four days at room temperature.
Ethylene-sensitive (unripe).
Ethylene-producer (ripe).
Spots of dry mold can be wiped off, but discard fruit with wet spots.

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