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Commodity Overview

Organic broccoli is not showing stratospheric growth, but it is rising slightly, and it’s closing in on 10% of the total broccoli category. Broccoli is a popular green vegetable staple in many homes. Tapping into the demand for organic broccoli can bring more dollars to your bottom line.


This commodity is not typically marketed by variety.

Sales Strategies

Organic broccoli can be used in everything from casseroles to salad, making it a prime candidate for cross-merchandising. Find other organic products like cheese sauce or salad dressing and promote them together with organic broccoli.

Organic broccoli is available year-round. Put it on your promotion schedule regularly. Include it in football game-day promotions as a great addition to veggie trays. In the spring, promote it as a way to beef up a salad with more nutrients. Don’t forget to add organic broccoli to winter holiday promotions as it is an alternative to the traditional green beans at the holiday meal.

Dynamic Displays

Display organic broccoli with other cooking vegetables. If you have an organics section, use broccoli’s deep green color to contrast with organic carrots or organic cauliflower. If you choose to display organic broccoli next to the conventional product, be sure to separate them to avoid cross-contamination. Be aware that misting can cause water from conventional produce to run off onto the organic product, so be sure the organic product is at the top if you are displaying both types vertically.

Organic broccoli needs air to avoid spoiling. Only stack heads one or two deep to keep air circulating.

Many consumers are only familiar with broccoli steamed as a side dish. Offer recipes on your display to create interest in this familiar vegetable.

In The Backroom


Organic broccoli is most often shipped in 14-count cartons. Broccoli rabe and rapini are available in 24-count cartons while broccolini can be shipped in 18-count cartons.


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Temperature: 32 F, 0 C
Relative humidity: 95-100%
Mist: lightly (unpackaged)
Typical shelf life: bunched 10 to 14 days, packaged 14 to 16 days
Ethylene-sensitive. Do not store or transport with commodities that produce ethylene.
Moderately sensitive to freezing injury.
Dunking in cold water can revive slightly wilted broccoli.

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