Commodity: Garlic


Commodity Overview

Garlic sales continued to grow in 2018, with sales increasing more than 3% to edge close to the $300 million mark. As garlic is never eaten alone, capitalize on its popularity to move other items as well.


  • Garlic’s many health benefits are one reason for its rise in popularity. Garlic has been shown to contain compounds that help prevent cancer. Research shows that garlic can help lower the tendency of platelets to build up and block arteries. Garlic may also help to lower cholesterol, but research has been mixed on the subject. Garlic contains antioxidants that can help boost your immune system.
  • The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved the following nutrient content descriptors for garlic: fat-free, saturated fat-free, sodium-free and cholesterol-free.

Sales Strategies

  • The opportunities to cross-promote garlic are plentiful. Cross-merchandise garlic with oil and vinegar, meat, seafood, tomatoes and bread.
  • Garlic is available year-round. Include it in seasonal promotions.
  • Fall: Include garlic in football game-day promotions as it is a natural addition to salsa. Cross-promote fresh garlic with spaghetti sauce and french bread as consumers turn to heartier meals as the days get colder.
  • Winter: Include garlic in winter holiday promotions. Cross-merchandise it with stuffing fixings. Include garlic in winter soup displays. Include it in Chinese New Year promotions as an addition to stir fry.
  • Spring: Garlic has many health benefits. Promote them in the spring as consumers start to pursue more athletic outdoor activities and improving their health becomes top of mind.
  • Summer: Garlic can bring flavor to meat marinades so be sure to include it in summertime grilling promotions.
  • Offer samples of elephant garlic on bread or crackers. Many consumers have never tried elephant garlic and may not know it offers a milder flavor.

Dynamic Displays

  • Include regular and elephant garlic in your display. Elephant garlic is a larger, milder garlic.
  • Place fresh, chopped garlic on the display to meet the needs of consumers who don’t want to dice the garlic themselves. Offer both bulk and packaged options.
  • Rotate bulk garlic so the bottom layer does not dry out.
  • Keep garlic away from misters.
  • Garlic pairs well with tomatoes as it is a natural ingredient in salsa and tomato sauce. Add a secondary display near the french bread that includes garlic roasters.
  • Use garlic braids to offer some decoration in your produce department.

Food Service

  • When using garlic in cooked dishes, keep in mind that it’s flavor becomes milder the longer it is cooked.
  • Add elephant garlic to dishes that need just a touch of garlic as it has a milder flavor.
  • Give your pasta a garlic flavor by adding it to the water used to boil the pasta.
  • Add pasta to stir-fry dishes and meat marinades.
  • Adding slice garlic cloves to salt will give you garlic salt.

In The Backroom


5-, 10-, 15-, 22- and 30-lb. cartons 3- and 16-oz. bags 3-lb. bags 2-, 3- and 4-count cello bags and trays RPC 6409, 6411 Peeled 12 6-oz. jars 12 8-oz. jars 6 1-lb. jars 6 3-lb. jars Foodservice Garlic is packed in 30-lb. cartons, and whole, peeled garlic cloves are available in 5-lb. jars, 3-lb. jars, 5-, 10- or 30-lb. bags and 30-lb. pails. Chopped product is available with or without oil, salt or preservatives added.


U.S. No. 1


Temperature: 32 to 34 F, 0 to 1 C Relative humidity: 65-75% Mist: no Typical shelf life: 90 to 120 days Store in a well-ventilated place. Always keep elephant and conventional garlic dry; moisture is damaging.


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2 cloves = about 1 teaspoon chopped or crushed

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