Commodity: Dragon Fruit



  • 3040

    red dragon fruit/pitahaya

  • 3319

    yellow dragon fruit/pitahaya

Dragon Fruit

Commodity Overview

Also known as pitahaya, this 3-inch fruit is oblong with bright pink/red skin and large, leaf-like scales on its surface. Its flesh is white, juicy and filled with numerous tiny seeds. Another type is globe-shaped, 2½ inches in diameter, with skin covered in small clusters of spines that can be brushed off to reveal red, ripe fruit. There is also a yellow-skinned variety. The sweet fruit tastes similar to kiwifruit or pears; it's often juiced. The sweet flesh can be white or dark red to purple. White-fleshed fruit is available year-round, magenta-fleshed fruit is available June through October.


This commodity is not typically marketed by variety.

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