Commodity: Corn


Commodity Overview

Corn sales grew nearly 4% in 2019, providing steady sales, especially in the summer months. Give corn a promotional push as it is a summertime favorite but can add to your sales year-round. Encourage shoppers to purchase corn throughout the year and give a boost to your bottom line.


  • Corn may get a bad rap as being too starchy, but it offers a host of health benefits. A diet that includes corn can help lower the risk of lung cancer. Corn is a good source of vitamin C, which can help boost the immune system and help fight cancer. Compounds found in corn have been shown to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.
  • The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved the following nutrient content descriptors for corn: low fat, saturated fat-free, very low sodium, cholesterol free and a good source of vitamin C.

Sales Strategies

  • Corn is a sought-after item from Memorial Day to Labor Day. Use its popularity to increase sales of other items by cross-merchandising it with summer vegetables, grilling items, salsa ingredients, corn accessories and butter.
  • Corn is available nearly year-round but is most popular in the summer. Increase your bottom line by marketing it well in all seasons.
  • Fall: Hold onto the flavors of summer by marketing corn in the fall. Include it in fall football game day promotions. As summer winds down and days get cooler, promote corn as a fresh addition to soups and stews.
  • Winter: Corn supplies are limited in the winter. Include it in post-New Year’s promotions aimed at health conscious consumers.
  • Spring: Get consumers thinking about corn by including it in Mother’s Day and Easter promotions. Spring is a good time to offer tray-packed corn as it’s not quite the season for large cookouts. Include corn in Cinco de Mayo promotions as an addition to salsa.
  • Summer: Summertime is corn’s time to shine. As a cookout staple, market it with other grilling items. Remind consumers that corn can be cooked on the grill, both in the husk and out of the husk. Promote corn heavily during the summer holidays.

Dynamic Displays

  • Corn needs air to keep cool. Avoid tightly stacking ears of corn as it keeps air from circulating.
  • Include all three types of corn – white, yellow and bi-color – on your display.
  • Offer both bulk and packaged corn. Corn is one of the items that consumers like to choose themselves. Many consumers also prefer to cook corn with the husk on, so bulk sales are important. Offering packaged corn allows you to appeal to time-strapped consumers as well.
  • Place large trash bins near your bulk displays. Some consumers will want to shuck their ears at the display. Offering a nearby trash bin keeps your display looking neat and clean.
  • During the summer, put corn front and center in your produce department. Display it with other cooking vegetables during non-peak season.

Food Service

  • Include both corn on the cob and off the cob as options on your menu.
  • Corn makes a great addition to custards and puddings. Include it in souffles and stuffed peppers.
  • Add corn to soups and stews to add color, flavor and texture.
  • Corn adds an authentic look and flavor to fresh salsa.
  • Include corn in mixed vegetable side dishes.

In The Backroom


50-lb. cartons/crates 42-lb. cartons/crates/sacks 42-lb. wirebound crates 37-lb. sacks 12 x 4 packaged (tray pack) 12 x 3 packaged (tray pack) 4 dozen, cartons RPC 6419, 6420, 6423, 6425, 6426


U.S. fancy U.S. No. 1 U.S. No. 2 These grades generally apply to green corn.


Temperature: 34 to 38 F, 1 to 3.3 C Relative humidity: 85-90% Mist: yes Typical shelf life: 4 to 6 days; supersweet varieties up to 10 days Odor sensitive. Do not store or transport with commodities that produce odors, such as green onions. Sugar content decreases rapidly even at room temperature. Dried-out husks may signal poor quality, except in supersweet varieties. Peeling off dried husks on supersweets will reveal healthy corn.


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