Commodity: Chinese Squash



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    opo squash

Commodity Overview

While there are a variety of Chinese squashes, two common types are moqua and opo squash. They both resemble a zucchini with green or yellow-green skin, but the moqua is also covered with fuzzy white hairs when it's young. Moqua has a creamy white flesh when young; as it matures, the flesh loses its subtle sweet flavor. Opo squash has a tender white flesh when young; mature opo squash should have seeds removed before eating. Prepare Chinese squash as you would summer squash or zucchini; steam or sautee, roast, add to soups or stews, or simply eat it raw (remove fuzzy white hairs from immature moqua before eating). Opo squash and moqua are available year-round.


Common types of Chinese squash include moqua and opo squash.

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