Tom Karst

Tom Karst

Cooper: Tapping into primal desires and building a bigger sandbox

How much is food choice based on a logical thought process versus an instinctual, “primal” desire?

Imported grapes running higher but good supply anticipated in March

Imported Chilean f.o.b grape prices are up compared with a year ago, but trade sources expect good supply for March promotions.
Mar 06, 2019 by Tom Karst #Produce (General), #Grapes

Autumn Glory sales strong in January

Retail scan data for January show the Autumn Glory apple saw sales jump 83% and pounds sold increase just over 100%. 
Mar 06, 2019 by Tom Karst #Produce (General), #Apples

Have a grape week — make it two, says Sun World

“Make It a Grape Two Weeks.”
Mar 06, 2019 by Tom Karst #Produce (General), #Grapes

UPDATED: Organic industry hones consumer message

(UPDATED, March 7) “Skip all the chemicals and just go with organic” will be the key consumer message of a nationwide program to promote organic food and other products.

Eat produce, be happy

Instead of going out to lunch for that quarter-pounder bacon burger, why not just pick the salad bar? 

Public comments allowed on deregulation of potato fields

The U.S. Department of Agriculture plans to allow public comments on its process for deregulating fields previously infested with pale cyst nematode.

Use of antibiotics as tool to fight citrus greening weighed

The Environmental Protection Agency is taking public comments until March 14 on its proposed decision to establish tolerances for the use of streptomycin in/on citrus fruit.

Sustainability theme resonates for Apeel Sciences at Fruit Logistica

BERLIN — James Rogers, founder and CEO of Apeel Sciences, says the firm’s newly announced partnership with European avocado marketer Nature’s Pride hit all the right notes at Fruit Logistica.

Celery prices holding strong near $40 per carton

West Coast celery shipping point prices continue to hold strong at historically high levels, and the market may not back down for several weeks.
Feb 28, 2019 by Tom Karst #Produce (General), #Celery