Tom Karst

Tom Karst

Hawaii avocados come to U.S. mainland

Surf is up for Hawaii avocados.

Patented technology waits for commercial use

Jerry Twinam has created a patented process that preserves fresh peeled and cut potatoes for at least 35 days when the product is refrigerated. 

Calavo forecasts growth ahead

Despite headwinds of lower prices in the latest quarter, Santa Paula, Calif.-based Calavo Growers Inc. reported record revenues and adjusted net income for fiscal 2018.

Number one is no surprise on the list of top states for produce

What is the relative importance of each state to the fresh produce industry?

A year in avocado charts

Here are a few charts to illustrate what the avocado market has been like this year.

Turning the page on 2018

The government is dysfunctional.

The state of grapefruit

Comedian Jim Gaffigan, talking about the medical penchant for naming associating tumor sizes with fruit:  “Interesting fact,” he says. “Worst tumor: grapefruit. Worst fruit: grapefruit.”

Florida brilliance variety shows promise in first season

Florida's fastest-growing strawberry variety also is its newest.

Shutdown worries H-2A users

A partial government shutdown that began Dec. 22 could stretch deep into January and could mean delays and trouble for the H-2A agricultural guest worker program used by produce growers.
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Food Institute predicts faster growth for foodservice

The Food Institute forecasts that sales at restaurants will grow faster than grocery store sales in 2019,