Tom Karst

Tom Karst

Retail food prices climb in April

April prices for food purchased at grocery stores were up 2.7% from March and 4.1% above year-ago levels, the U.S. Department of Agriculture reported.

Apeel Sciences secures $250 million in financing

Santa Barbara,Calif.-based Apeel Sciences has announced $250 million in new financing, and endorsements from Oprah Winfrey and Katy Perry. 
The financial boosts brings the company’s valuation to more than $1 billion.

Superfresh Growers announces Super Cherry label

Yakima, Wash.-based Domex Superfresh Growers has introduced Super Cherry, a jumbo cherry label.

Pretty Lady Vineyards offers new package options

New package options are on tap for McFarland, Calif.-based Pretty Lady Vineyards.

Peppers offer place to stand out

Peppers are a mainstay of retail fresh produce departments, and for good reason. Retailers use fresh peppers as a destination category to attract attention and to stand out to their shoppers.

Fresh Trends shows pepper preferences

Four in 10 consumers polled by The Packer’s Fresh Trends 2020 consumer research study said they purchased bell peppers in the past 12 months.

Georgia-based firm wins big federal contract

Atlanta-based Royal Food Service Co. has been awarded a maximum $465 million contract to supply for fresh fruits and vegetables to Georgia military and school customers.

Publix continues domination of Florida’s retail marketplace

The new coronavirus COVID-19 hasn’t changed one reality: Publix has an iron grip on Florida grocery sales. 

Florida waits for rebound from COVID-19 in phases

COVID-19 has had a profound effect on the economy of Florida, nearly stopping tourism and related industry in its tracks since mid-March.

Avocados From Peru to release new e-cookbook

Avocados From Peru will launch its new e-cookbook “Avocados in Bloom” in late May.