Tom Karst

Tom Karst

Coronavirus disease casts long shadow of uncertainty

There is no doubt the outbreak of the coronavirus disease, now called COVID-19, is having an impact on business activity around the globe.

Fresh cut sales help buoy Fresh Del Monte earnings

Fresh Del Monte officials say 2019’s increase in earnings reflects the company’s diversification into fresh-cut and value-added, a move the company began with the purchase of Mann Packing two years ago.

U.S. imports of both fruits and vegetables up in 2019, USDA reports

U.S. imports of both fruits and vegetables increased moderately in 2019, new trade figures reveal.

U.S. fresh exports of fruit down, vegetables up in 2019

Exports of U.S. fresh fruits declined by 6% in 2019, while exports of U.S. fresh vegetables increased by 4%.

Potato Sustainability Alliance set to tell industry’s story

The new Potato Sustainability Alliance is building on an earlier industry initiative to tell the story of how growers feed the nation responsibly.

Sev-Rend touts sustainability initiatives

Among its sustainable initiatives, Collinsville, Ill.-based Sev-Rend is introducing fully recyclable pouches and film manufactured in either polyethylene or polypropylene.

U.S. Fruit and Nut Exports to China by month

Here are some charts that speak to the volume of U.S. fruit and nut exports to China over the past five years.

Mulling the future of packaging

What is the biggest change in packaging coming in the next five years?

Plastic boxes help remove wax cartons from landfills

Eliminating the use of wax cartons is one way that Lakeside Organic Gardens is answering the call for more sustainable packaging.