Tom Karst

Tom Karst

Wanted H-2A reform: in Yoho’s words

Can Congress really take up immigration legislation so close to an election year? It seems doubtful, but if it is possible it may be that a targeted approach to H-2A reform would be the vehicle. 

USDA relaxes rules for Japanese unshu oranges and sand pears

Rules governing the U.S. imports of Japanese unshu oranges and sand pears will be changed to allow for easier access to the U.S. market.

Washington Conference gives industry platform to politicians

WASHINGTON, D.C. — While the search for definitive solutions goes on, the United Fresh Produce Association’s Washington Conference provided a soapbox for industry leaders to express their passion.

Vision Produce offers ripe mango program

Los Angeles-based Vision Produce Company is now offering a “ripe and ready” mango program following the protocol established by the National Mango Board.
Sep 20, 2019 by Tom Karst #Produce (General), #Mangoes

Tray sealing solution wins award

Proseal’s GT4 tray sealing-solution has won a MTP Gold Medal ahead of a leading international tech exhibition.

Wireless access introduced for container refrigeration unit

Promising easy wireless access, Carrier Transicold has introduced the Micro-Link 5 Controller.

U.S. Department of Labor issues final rule to modernize H-2A program

The U.S. Department of Labor has issued a final rule that will allow agricultural employers to advertise for domestic workers online rather than in a newspaper before they turn to foreign guest workers.

New tomato suspension agreement signed

The new normal for U.S. imports of Mexican tomatoes is signed, sealed and delivered.

FDA official promises new era of food safety

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Teasing the details of a new era of smarter food safety, Food and Drug Administration deputy commissioner Frank Yiannas spoke Sept. 18 at the United Fresh Washington Conference.

Better trade news on its way, Sonny Perdue says

While stating that the China trade war “is what it is,” Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue told attendees of the United Fresh Washington Conference that a new trade agreement with Japan may be only days away.