Tom Karst

Tom Karst

Ohio groups seek support for growers in COVID-19 Crisis

Giving farmers and farmers markets the ability to fulfill SNAP purchases online is one recommendation presented by a group of Ohio farm organizations in response to the COVID-19 crisis.

Inflation ticks higher for groceries

U.S. retail grocery prices increased 0.8% in May and are running nearly 5% above a year ago, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Sakata Seed America acquires Danziger’s blocky pepper program

Morgan Hill, Calif.-based Sakata Seed America has acquired the blocky bell pepper breeding program from Danziger Seeds Ltd. of Israel. 

Genera aims to use local crops in sustainable packaging

Working with farmers in Tennessee, Genera is contracting switchgrass and biomass sorghum as inputs to create compostable, sustainable packaging when its manufacturing facility comes online later this year.

COVID-19 effect considered on sustainable packaging in PMA Town Hall

The COVID-19 crisis may have quieted the conversations on sustainable packaging, but the future of the sector is as strong as ever, according to panelists at a Produce Marketing Association’s Virtual Town Hall.

COVID-19 brings focus on benefits of packaging

The COVID-19 crisis has caused consumers to see plastic produce in a new way.

COVID-19 pandemic complicates sustainability preferences

Are consumers changing their preferences around fresh produce because of COVID-19? And will their new behaviors stick around after the pandemic has subsided?

Don’t count salad bars out

As disastrous as we all know COVID-19 has been to our nation and to the fresh produce industry, the collateral damage still brings me up short.

COVID-19 redefines school foodservice

When COVID-19 arrived in March, the students and the salad bars in school cafeterias disappeared.

United Fresh LIVE! opens with everyone online

Starting with a video tribute to the essential workers that bring fresh produce from the farm to the fork, the 2020 United Fresh LIVE! grand opening session was an industry first.