Tom Burfield

Tom Burfield

Organic growth continues, though at a slower pace

The percentage increase of organic produce sales might be slowing, but organic grower-shippers say actual volume continues to grow.

Sage Fruit uses Apeel technology on organic apples

Sage Fruit Co. LLC, Yakima, Wash., will launch the first rollout of its Apeel technology for retail customers on Nov. 1, said Chuck Sinks, president, sales and marketing.

Duda Farm Fresh Foods discuss new projects at PMA

Ovieo, Fla.-based Duda Farm Fresh Foods has expanded its Oxnard, Calif., facility.

Avocado from Mexico stress education at Fresh Summit

Avocados from Mexico continues to educate consumers about the popular green fruit.

Johnston to pack more satsumas

Johnston Farms, Edison, Calif., is adding capacity to pack more satsuma mandarins during the peak season, said Derek Vaughn, citrus sales manager.

From jackfruit to passion fruit, Melissa's talks specialties

ANAHEIM, Calif. – Tree-ripened mangoes and fresh-cut jackfruit are a couple of the hot produce trends to watch for in the coming months.

Fowler Packing to launch Peelz

Fowler Packing Co. Inc., Fresno, Calif. will debut its Peelz mandarin brand in November, according to a news release.

Canines sniff out HLB

The citrus industry in California’s Ventura County is going to the dogs.

Divine Flavor works to extend grape, vegetable seasons

Diviine Flavor, Nogales, Ariz., is focusing on extending the Mexican grape season with fruit from Chile and Peru.

Good crop of lemons expected

The future looks bright for California’s lemon crop as consumption increases and consumers discover the health benefits and versatility of the fruit, grower-shippers say.