Tom Burfield

Tom Burfield

Top Chicago retail rankings hold steady

Ranking of the top retail chains in the Chicago market remains virtually unchanged from a year ago, said Bill Bishop, chief architect at Brick Meets Click, a Barrington, Ill.-based consulting firm.

Importers expect productive winter from West Mexico crops

Growers in West Mexico offer a wide range of winter produce and distributors were reporting good quality on all commodities.

Florida citrus volume up over last year

Good growing conditions have Florida citrus growers looking forward to a strong crop this season with volume an estimated 3.4% greater than last year.

Growers strive for upper hand over HLB

Citrus greening disease or huanglongbing — HLB for short — has taken a toll on Florida’s citrus sales, but hope remains that the industry will survive and even thrive.

Mexican avocado business updates

Browse Mexican avocado business updates for companies like Calavo, Del Rey, Mission Produce and more.

Mexican avocados play vital role in U.S. deal

They may be produced south of the border, but Mexican-grown avocados have played a pivotal role in bolstering the avocado industry in the U.S.

Mexico on track to ship 2 billion pounds of avocados to U.S.

U.S. importers are expected to bring in about 2 billion pounds of avocados from Mexico this season — an increase of about 6% over last year.

Organic produce business updates

Browse organic industry business updates for companies like Boskovich, Sage Fruit, Chelan Fresh and Lakeside Organic Gardens.

Organic produce booming in Northern California

Organic fruits and vegetables can be big business in the Northern California market.

Stemilt’s Artisan Organics celebrates 30 years

It’s been 30 years since Tom Mathison transitioned his first conventionally grown apples to organic.