The Packer Staff

The Packer Staff

Figs still top on Produce Market Guide, but chili peppers claim No. 2

Figs maintained their No. 1 place on Produce Market Guide last week for the sixth week in a row, but chili peppers vaulted from the No. 5 spot to No. 2.

Pumpkins enter top 10 on Produce Market Guide

Figs and yellow plums continued to hold the No. 1 and No. 2 spots on Produce Market Guide the week of July 29, while okra and cucumbers traded places from the week before.

Yellow plums threaten figs' dominance on Produce Market Guide

Figs have spent a month in the No. 1 spot on Produce Market Guide, but yellow plums gave them a run for their money last week, climbing two spots from the week before to land at No. 2.

Okra inches up on figs on Produce Market Guide

Figs continued their dominance of most searched items on Produce Market Guide during the week of July 8, while okra shot from the No. 4 spot up to No. 2.

How vital is providing quality product/being a sustainable supplier?

Those are all points that suppliers need to have in the back of their mind when they sell product to their customers.

What does a retailer look for when it comes to ad opportunities?

There are several different objectives that retailers are looking to satisfy through advertising.

How do you evaluate sales versus tonnage?

The first thing to look at is why tonnage is important. And it's easy to forget about tonnage and think only about sales.

What are the pros and cons for adding SKUs to build sales and tonnage?

There are a lot of sophisticated ways to try and estimate what an additional SKU will give you in sales based on competing items and gaps in the marketplace.

At store-level, what's the lag time between sales and sales info?

The stores have good access to real-time data. They have an ability to get nearly minute-by-minute sales updates out of their systems.

Figs No. 1 on Produce Market Guide, but plums get plenty of love

After a couple of weeks of inching toward No. 1, figs secured the ranking of most searched item on Produce Market Guide during the week of July 1, switching places with cucumbers.