The Packer Staff

The Packer Staff

West Coast Produce Expo expands to week-long virtual event

The Packer’s 2020 West Coast Produce Expo is expanding as a free virtual event.

Consumer purchasing patterns of apricots

This small stone fruit was one of the least purchased items in this year’s survey. 6% of customers purchased apricots within the past 12 months.

Fresh Trends data and research for plums

The likelihood of a plum purchase climbed three percentage points from last year. While families with kids were slightly more likely to buy plums, at 27%, than those without kids, at 25%.

The latest sweet potato news and updates

A lot has happened in the sweet potato industry recently. Catch up here on the latest sweet potato news brought to you by The Packer.

Sweet potato purchases in 2019

According to 2020 Fresh Trends data, 26% of customers purchased sweet potatoes within the past 12 months. Read more data and research on sweet potatoes here.

Produce Retailer, Produce Market Guide combine to create PMG

Farm Journal, the parent company of Produce Retailer and The Packer, is enhancing its Produce Market Guide digital platform by merging it with Produce Retailer, creating a combined brand called PMG.

2019 pineapple purchase demographics

Fresh trends data and research on a variety of pineapple purchase demographics, such as; region, ethnicity, household size and income.

2019 Fresh Trends data: Comparing apples to oranges

Apples and oranges always find themselves near the top of the list of most popular fruits in the produce department.

2020 Organic Fresh Trends data on spinach

Spinach was the second most popular item that consumers bought as organic at least some of the time, of those studied in Organic Fresh Trends 2020.

Organic purchasing patterns of tomatoes

Younger shoppers are more open to buying organic tomatoes every time they make a purchase, according to Organic Fresh Trends 2020.