The Packer staff

The Packer staff

Avocado purchases in 2018

Promoted for their creamy texture and “healthy” fat attributes, avocados were the No. 1 item that shoppers said they bought in the past 12 months that they did not buy previously.

Fresh Trends Data: Carrot purchases in 2018

Holding steady as the No. 4 vegetable in Fresh Trends 2018, carrots were also eighth most popular overall.

Interactive: Lettuce purchases in 2018

The likelihood of a whole lettuce purchase fell six percentage points from Fresh Trends 2017.

California asparagus season on track for March

Labor concerns and pressure from imports aside, California asparagus growers expect a healthy crop, and say organic demand is growing even as overall acreage drops.

Blueberry purchases based on gender

An individuals gender and the presence of children in a home significantly change the likelihood of a blueberry purchase.

The likelihood of a blueberry purchase

These tiny globes were the fourth most popular item that shoppers said they bought this year that they did not buy previously.

Season of hope

This is the season of dark, cold and drabness in much of the country. But it also is the season of hope, renewal and joy.
Dec 24, 2018 by The Packer staff #Opinion