Jim Offner

Jim Offner

Mexico, Canada export destinations for Idaho-Eastern Oregon onions

Mexico and Canada continue to snap up Idaho-Eastern Oregon onions, although grower-shippers from the district say they are working to develop other export markets.

Sustainable packaging becomes top priority for suppliers

Sustainability has numerous connotations, including environmental, as well as economic, impacts across the produce industry, packaging suppliers and their clients say.
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Produce industry sees sustainability as future of packaging

Produce suppliers are taking hard looks at packaging in terms of costs, materials and environmental concerns.

Quality, consistency important to retailers, onion suppliers say

Quality, consistency and price are big sellers at retail, according to grower-shippers in the Idaho-Eastern Oregon Onion district.

Centennial State’s vegetables progressing

Colorado vegetable growers say they anticipate good volumes and strong markets this year, although they had to deal with some weather-related delays.

Idaho-Eastern Oregon onion suppliers expect strong deal despite delays

Idaho-Eastern Oregon onions staged a comeback after wet, cold spring weather had complicated plantings, grower-shippers said.

Colorado fruit growers forecast good season

Peaches and apples dominate Colorado’s summer fruit deal, and the harvests appeared to be on time this year, grower-shippers said.

Organic Wisconsin potatoes pick up some steam

Not everybody grows or handles organic potatoes in Wisconsin, but those who do say it’s a worthwhile category.

Wisconsin growers anticipate big crop this season

Wisconsin potato growers predicted their entire industry should be digging in earnest by mid-August, although some spuds were on track to come out as early as the last week of July, suppliers said.

Chilean citrus volume likely down 5% this season

Chile will export a little less citrus this year, compared to 2018, due primarily to an 18% dip in clementine volume, according to the San Carlos, Calif.-based Chilean Citrus Committee.
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