Jim Offner

Jim Offner

Sage Fruit adds apple, pear tote bag

One of the chief initiatives at Yakima, Wash.-based Sage Fruit Co. in 2020 pertained to sustainability, said Chuck Sinks, president of sales and marketing.

COVID-19 throws up unwelcome roadblocks for apple marketing

Not surprisingly, many marketers said the lack of in-person engagement has been the biggest drawback of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Variety balance seen as key to apple category management

Apple marketers view the Cosmic Crisp as a particularly bright star in a growing constellation of new apple varieties.

Produce packaging makers battle rising costs

While packaging costs continue to rise, innovation is tamping them down, at least somewhat, produce marketers and packaging manufacturers say.

Online delivery helping to shape produce packaging

The rapidly evolving online grocery delivery channel will have a say in packaging styles and materials over the near and long terms, marketers say.

Education on recyclable packaging remains priority

The packaging industry has an important teaching mission, in terms of recycling its products, marketers say.

Sustainability remains priority for produce packaging

Produce suppliers are working with packaging manufacturers to limit the excess materials that wind up in the waste stream.

Potatoes, onions at home in multicultural cuisines

Marketing to different ethnic and demographic groups requires flexibility and a diverse portfolio of products, marketers say.

Eagle Eye puts spotlight on growers

Idaho Falls, Idaho-based Eagle Eye Produce is “putting a bigger focus on building our brand and promoting the people behind the brand," said Joe Ange, director of business development.

Colorado Potato Administrative Committee focuses on social

Jessica Crowther has been promoted to chief marketing officer with the Monte Vista-based Colorado Potato Administrative Committee, said Jim Ehrlich, executive director.