Janice M. Kresin

Janice M. Kresin

Fresh Trends data — Marketing to the masses

The average American is driving food sales. It used to be that chefs drove the trends in foods and creating demand for lesser-known commodities that would eventually translate into more sales in supermarkets.

Fresh Trends focus on the environment, sustainability

Consumers are more environmentally aware these days, as sustainability seems to be the buzzword for the new decade.

Organic fruits and vegetables expand the marketplace

Organics have been a part of the mainstream market for years now, and while the shoppers still see them as their own category, consumers tend to accept organically grown produce as an “added choice”.

Environmental and safety issues drive decisions

Consumers look to organics for that “feel good” factor

Food as medicine

Fruits and vegetables become part of health care initiatives

Consumer selection builds branding

The transition from mom-and-pop stores to supermarkets and chain stores in the 1930s-40s gave consumers power—the power of choice.

Women in Produce

This once rough-around-the-edges industry was, for centuries, a man’s world. It would take a particularly tenacious individual to change the status quo. 

Food safety forces change

1995 - 2019: Outbreak events drive data-driven traceability initiatives

How has technology transformed the produce industry?

Automation of communication, operations and data push produce into the new millennium

1969-1994: Foodservice becomes king

Filling supplies starts the fresh-cut produce industry