Industry Press Release

Industry Press Release

Sunions returning to store shelves

Sunions®, America’s first tearless and sweet onion, are hitting retail shelves this week. Decades of research and a tightly controlled testing protocol are to thank for these game-changing onions. 

United Fresh seeks foodservice award nominations

United Fresh has opened the nomination period for the 2021 Produce Excellence in Foodservice Awards Program.

Ocean Mist offers Frost Kissed Artichokes

Ocean Mist Farms, the leading grower and marketer of fresh artichokes, welcomes the first Frost Kissed crop of the season.

University of Florida offers online farm worker training in Spanish

The fall crop season is underway in Florida and over the next few months, an increase in the farm worker population will help plant, maintain, and harvest our crops in the Sunshine State.

Dole promotes cooking campaign with Pixar’s Ratatouille

Dole Food Company is giving food, cooking and Disney fans the chance to create their own at-home version of Gusteau’s, the iconic Parisienne restaurant at the center of Disney and Pixar’s Ratatouille.

Ambrosia Gold has broad appeal

After more than a decade of robust category performance in the U.S.A., Ambrosia continues to hold its position as one of America’s favorite apples.

NW pear growers create flavor experience through videos

The Pear Bureau Northwest is sharing the industry's commitment to supplying retailers and their customers with flavorful pears through a handful of new tactics.

BASF acquires melon breeder ASL

BASF has formally agreed to acquire ASL, one of the most innovative melon breeding companies in the world, to continue expanding its position as a preferred partner in the fruit and vegetable value chain.

National Watermelon Promotion Board continues focus in fall, winter

On the heels of strategic planning and virtual Board meeting, the National Watermelon Promotion Board is entering in to the fall and winter months well-positioned to strengthen demand for watermelon.

USDA releases Pesticide Data Program annual summary

The U.S. Department of Agriculture has published the 2019 Pesticide Data Program Annual Summary.