Doug Grant

Doug Grant

Doug Grant is executive vice president and chief operations officer of The Oppenheimer Group, and chairman of the CPS Knowledge Transfer Task Force.

To find food safety efficiencies, look to the research

As important as fresh produce food safety is, we all have limited budgets to work with. As executives, we should want to know whether the food safety investments we’re making have the desired effect.

Strive for perfection, settle for excellence

We all know there is no food safety “kill step” for fresh produce consumed in a raw state. 

Food safety truisms: trust, but verify

With the perishable nature of fresh produce, strong buyer-supplier relationships are critical to successfully get our foods from field to table.

It's time to fuel food safety change

Human nature is to resist change. But sometimes change is necessary to ensure the future.

How well do you understand irrigation water risk management?

As we all know, food safety outbreaks have a massive effect not only on growers, but on all stakeholders throughout the fresh produce supply chain.