Ashley Nickle

Ashley Nickle

FDA finds E. coli in irrigation reservoir, narrows romaine advisory

The FDA has named Adam Bros. Farm in Santa Barbara County as one source of the E. coli outbreak linked to romaine — but it cautions that the finding does not explain all the illnesses in the outbreak.

Hazel Technologies apricot product fares well in UC Davis trial

University of California-Davis researchers tested a Hazel Technologies product designed to slow the ripening of apricots and found it improved the shelf life of the fruit.

Misionero marks acquisition anniversary

Gonzales, Calif.-based organic leafy greens grower Misionero is celebrating two years since the company was purchased by Harbinger.

Reflections on retailer responses to romaine

I visited 12 grocery stores in the Kansas City area the evening that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention linked another E. coli outbreak to romaine, and the Nov. 20 trip was far more revealing than I expected.

Millennials Eat — Sweet Potatoes!

Amelia and Ashley discuss which age groups and regions buy the most sweet potatoes, along with their experiences with the vegetable and "millennial-friendly" ways to use it.

Kroger app enables self-aware shopping

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. — Kroger executives believe their new OptUp mobile app will change the way America eats, and they might be right.

USDA lowers Florida orange estimate slightly

The U.S. Department of Agriculture adjusted its estimate for the Florida orange crop to 77 million boxes, down 3% from October.

Packer Insight — FPAA and Groceryshop

Editor-in-chef Tom Karst and retail editor Ashley Nickle discuss some of their takeaways from recent travel to the 50th Nogales Produce Convention and the first Groceryshop conference and expo.

Millennials Eat — Fresh Summit Edition!

Designer and copy editor Amelia Freidline and retail editor Ashley Nickle discuss some of the most "millennial-friendly" products they saw at the Produce Marketing Association's Fresh Summit Oct. 19-20.

Packer 25 — Caitlin Tierney

Caitlin Tierney, director of produce for 99 Cents Only Stores, has repeatedly gone the extra mile to increase her knowledge of the industry.