Armand Lobato

Armand Lobato

Everything in produce is a 'main ingredient'

The message every store manager drives home to the produce manager? Keep everything in stock.

It's January — where’s your sign kit?

I compare good signage in produce department to a goalie in hockey; no one thinks how important the goalie is until the game is on the line.

Poor produce quality is un-culled for

If a display has only the best you have to offer, customers have a funny way of reacting — they open bags and fill them with fresh produce.

Keeping score in the produce aisle

This is the time of year when many fresh produce commodity associations, boards, groups take a time out, however brief.

Produce attitude adjustment

One of the best things a produce manager could say about a clerk, wasn’t that the person was the fastest stocker. Or that the person was thorough or neat or prompt — although these are certainly desirable traits.

Mind (and fill) the gaps in the produce aisle

Accentuate the positive. Last week I searched my nearby friendly produce department for lemons.