Armand Lobato

Armand Lobato

A five-minute discussion, a five-year career plan

I once called on a young produce manager who showed loads of potential but lacked direction in his career.

Boost excitement, sales and profit during Potato Lover’s Month

The humble potato table tucked away in the back of your department is in fact a sales-and-gross-profit gold mine, should you choose to develop its riches.

Signing for success: It's all in the details

One task that is loaded with details in a produce remodel? Signing.

The produce manager's hats

Produce managers wear a lot of hats. They are, in essence, merchandisers, inventory control specialists, shrink monitors, clerk trainers and mentors.

The assistant-to-produce-manager transition

Produce managers attain their skills over many years, learning everything from the difference between regular and flat leaf parsley to which mango variety tends to be the most popular and flavorful.

How to keep your customers

From which chain does a customer go home with their goods, feeling like “their” store is somewhere they’re likely to return to on a regular basis?

Best practices: Ten steps for receiving and breaking down a produce load

The old saying that “failing to prepare is preparing to fail” applies so well to receiving a produce delivery.

So much to be thankful for

No matter what, there is always something we can be thankful for.

How to balance labor caps and experience needs

Sports teams aren’t the only ones with labor caps.

The produce manager’s priority list

Last week I touched on reasons why produce managers get transferred from one store to another. It happens as managers move about, taking on other responsibilities, opening a new store or transferring for other reasons.