Armand Lobato

Armand Lobato

Indifferent employees can cost you customers

I like to frequently focus on customer service. This is just as important a tangent of the produce aisle as anything else we do.

Produce standards are best set early

What do you let slip by, and what tasks do you insist are done a certain way?

Where were we in ’93?

I was thumbing through a copy of “The Packer, a Century of Produce,” published in 1993. It’s a rich collection of reflections, produce and people.

Creativity wins, any day

Old-time salespeople used to say it all the time, “Don’t sell ‘em the steak, sell ‘em the sizzle.”

Just follow the pace setter

Who sets the pace in your department?

When a crisis crops up, protect your sales

Late orders are not uncommon, so a manager has to anticipate this and ensure a little extra “safety stock” is on hand to maintain business.

Writing the produce order, part two

One good turn deserves another. Recently I touched upon the value of writing a careful order, especially in regard to giving the task ample time to complete.

A produce promotion dilemma

I’ve seen assistants who are just that — great assistants.

Take time to write that order

“I need to write an order.” To the clerks that hear this from their produce manager, it can sound so easy, so simple.

Everything old is new again

I was positioning the little American flag on my desk when Russ T. Blade peeked from behind Old Glory.