Armand Lobato

Armand Lobato

What do produce customers really want?

As produce retailers, we know what we want to sell to our customers. But what do you suppose they want when they carry their daily basket or steer their weekly shopping cart into the produce aisle?

Always handle that produce with care

“The last 150 feet from storeroom to display is the toughest leg.”

Produce manager tip: Take action on those stocking disasters

My store’s produce department seems to get worse all the time. The place was a shambles again today. It was nearly midday and the crew was just starting to get caught up.

Frieda Caplan: A legacy of so much more than kiwifruit

The produce world was saddened last week to learn of the passing of Frieda Rapaport Caplan, founder of Frieda’s Inc., Los Alamitos, Calif.

How to earn that produce aisle promotion

Whenever someone in the retail produce business asks what it takes to get promoted, I always say, “That depends.”

Produce management success requires a voice

My old college program emphasized that each course pushed improving our presentation and speaking skills.

The value of produce tutelage

In the past month I’ve touched on topics such as fresh produce quality standards and even produce manager standards, and what defines each, from several angles.

Building a ‘produce cathedral’

Is there anything more exciting than a new store?

Pump up holiday displays

Pumping up or building massive produce displays is not uncommon during the holidays.

Inventory time doesn’t have to be a headache

“Ugh! This Saturday night I have inventory.”