Amy Sowder

Amy Sowder

Touring Brooklyn's Gotham Greens atop Whole Foods Market

BROOKLYN — It was a perfect summer rooftop tour party at dusk, with colorful picnic food and dozens of friendly faces talking about fresh vegetables and fruit. Check out Northeast editor Amy Sowder's video and article.

Wish Farms starts Superhero Summer partnership with Feeding America

Plant City, Fla.-based berry grower Wish Farms has started a summer partnership campaign with Feeding America.

United Apple Sales hires Frank Davis, opens West Coast office

Lyndonville, N.Y.-based United Apples Sales opened a West Coast division based in Yakima, Wash., and hired Frank Davis as vice president of national business development.

Family business: How to sustain the company with the next generation

CHICAGO — In an industry that’s shaped by family-run businesses, planning for the next era of a company’s future can be rife with deep-seated feelings and complications.

What's on Baldor president Michael Muzyk's mind at United Fresh

CHICAGO — The Packer's Northeast editor, Amy Sowder, grabs Bronx, N.Y.-based Baldor Specialty Foods president Michael Muzyk at United Fresh to see what's on his mind.

Jan Berk: Find your own way, together

CHICAGO — Jan Berk’s path can be divided into two main careers: media and agriculture.

Morning Kiss Organic to feature expanded offerings at organic show

Chelsea, Mass.-based Morning Kiss Organic — which has expanded its program with organic kiwis and pears, available year-round — will exhibit at the Organic Produce Summit July 10-11 in Monterey, Calif. 

Challenges of management: hiring, retention, communication

CHICAGO — After the opening luncheon at the United Fresh Conference and Expo, the crowd broke into smaller groups to attend simultaneous workshops. 

Team Fresh or Team Frozen: Who wins the health contest?

The nutrients in fresh vegetables and fruit dwindle down each day that ticks by after harvest, so does that mean produce frozen at peak ripeness is often healthier for consumers by the time they eat it?

Baldor makes buying local easier for chefs

Buying local produce has become more practical with a growing program called Local Pledge by Baldor Specialty Foods, a distributor based in the Hunts Point neighborhood of Bronx, N.Y.