Amy Sowder

Amy Sowder

EPC meeting reveals scholarship winners and NJ crop status

HILLSDALE, N.J. — Eastern Produce Council members honored two scholarship winners, learned the status of New Jersey crops and heard the latest marketing efforts of the Jersey Fresh brand.

Cranberry Institute’s Terry Humfeld is retiring

After more than 35 years in the produce industry, Terry Humfeld, the Cranberry Institute’s executive director based in Avondale, Pa., is retiring at the end of 2019.

Mastronardi, AppHarvest bring 60-acre greenhouse to Kentucky

Kingsville, Ontario-based Mastronardi Produce and Morehead, Ky.-based AppHarvest are partnering to build a sustainable, high-tech 60-acre greenhouse in Morehead.

Spring report reveals how foodservice produce is trending

It’s happened with kale, avocado and cauliflower: Fresh produce trends move through a menu cycle in an established pattern of inception, adoption, proliferation and ubiquity.

Georgia Grown touts local at Publix

The Georgia Grown program is partnering with Publix Super Markets on the launch of a local campaign.

NJ ag secretary visits strawberry farm for fruit-season launch

The window for ripe-picked Jersey Fresh strawberries has opened, but it’s a small window, said New Jersey Secretary of Agriculture Douglas Fisher.

United Apple Sales to extend market for Ruby Frost into summer

Lyndonville, N.Y.-based United Apples Sales has developed a comprehensive plan to extend the market for the new variety.

Blueberry growers adapt to weather issues

Hardships born from a big freeze in 2016 have inspired Georgia’s blueberry industry to invest in some protective technology so growers don’t get frozen out of the market again. 

The next generation in produce is getting louder

As I explore and meet people at farms, terminal markets and conferences in the Northeast, I’ve noticed something which I suspect is happening nationwide.
May 10, 2019 by Amy Sowder #Opinion, #New York, #Vermont, #People

D’Arrigo New York gets streamlined, updated

Gabriela D’Arrigo paused as she walked by the loading trucks and pallet jacks carrying boxes of lettuce on the outdoor dock at Hunts Point Produce Market.